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ỌKỌ UGBABE: Is this how it is done?


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Ọzọr Enyinna on his coronation as Ọkọ Ugbabe by Onyishi Ugbabe
When you hear don’t judge a book by its cover, the story of Ọzọr Enyinna Ogbonna, on whom recently, was conferred the title of Ọkọ Ugbabe may fittingly be cited.

Amidst the underlying skepticism from few individuals towards Ọzọr his ascendancy to the stool of Ọkọ Ugbabe, he has continued to show that he is not here for showmanship, but to make genuine difference, and uplift the community.

The question today has shifted from “who is he?” to “so the office can be used to champion development?”
Before Late Chief Bernard Eze became of Ọkọ, little was known of the traditional office. Chief Bernard raised it to prominence, but arguably used it to achieve some personal accolades that saw him rise in political power. Nothing much as to wider community development was seen, as at that time. But today, a new sheriff is in town, and the narrative is changing. The young Chap from Ogwu Umu Ugbabe came prepared to establish an enduring dynasty of Ugbabe renaissance.

The Clan has witnessed significant progress and development under the leadership of their current him. Since his installation in October last year, he has made commendable efforts to improve the lives of the people and uplift the community as a whole.

One of the key areas where Ọkọ Enyinna has focused his developmental efforts is on the transportation sector. Recognizing the importance of commercial cycle riders, commonly known as Okada, in the local economy, he generously donated brand new motorcycles to support their work. This initiative not only improves their means of livelihood, but also enhances the efficiency of transportation within the community.

Education is another crucial aspect that Ọkọ Enyinna has prioritized. Realizing the significance of quality learning environments, he has taken steps to improve the infrastructure of Community Primary Schools within Ogwu Obollo Afor, by constructing new sets of classroom chairs. This not only provides a conducive atmosphere for learning, but also demonstrates his dedication to enhancing the educational experiences of young children.

Furthermore, the Ọkọ has shown great compassion for underprivileged students of Ugbabe extraction by instituting a scholarship scheme through his foundation, Ọzọr Enyinna Foundation. This scheme covers school fees and provides stipends throughout the university studies of deserving beneficiaries. Yesterday, 06 January 2024, the first set of beneficiaries was announced after a rigorous screening exercise. Little Miss Judith Eya and Miss Immaculata Odo were the deserving winners, each receiving a sum of N500,000 as a scholarship award. This gesture not only relieves financial burdens for these students but also motivates them to pursue their academic goals.

The Ọzọr Enyinna Foundation has shown its commitment to empowering individuals and investing in human capital. By providing financial assistance through scholarships, it ensures that talented and deserving students have the opportunity to further their education. This not only benefits the individual students but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the Ugbabe Clan.

With his remarkable efforts in human capital empowerment and infrastructural development, Ọzọr Enyinna Ogbonna has set a new standard for the throne of Ọkọ in Ugbabe Kingdom. His dedication to improving the lives of the people and touching the community in such a profound way is unprecedented in the history of the clan. By raising the bar and establishing himself as exceptional leader, he is rewriting the story of the community and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

His commitment to empowering individuals and uplifting the community has set him apart as a visionary leader. With each stride he takes, Ọkọ Enyinna redefines the role of the throne and leaves behind a legacy of progress and development in Ugbabe land.

It is high time every Ugbabe man joined hands with this Champion of grassroots development to make our ancestral homeland a better place.

Onweg’ onye iheoma na-aso nso (no one is allergic to good tidings)

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