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Okigwe Zone and a misappropriated political journey ~ by Dan Oyiriaru


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Aristotle’s theory of leadership since 350 BC remains relevant at all times in its timelessness and simplicity. That a good leader or leaders must have either integrity and moral character which confers on him or them the credibility to ask for followership.

Regrettably, we in this part of the world are pathetically in short supply of leaders with integrity and moral character and, therefore, lack the credibility to ask or demand for our followership. Meaning that we have, without doubt had apparent reversal of our values and worshipped a shameless culture of mediocrity and sycophancy.

This is because of our leaders’ indiscretion in demonstrating consistently, a nauseating penchant for greed, mismanagement of resources, misrepresentation and misappropriation.

This is also in addition to their lack of in-depth political engagement that will in turn throw up credible and quality representation which has been the bane of our political journey and it seem to have left us on our knees; to a bleeding state so to say.

Definitely, this situation, bad and retrogressive as it is, is nothing but a comedy of tragedy signaling danger to the peaceful political coexistence of Okigwe zone if nothing is done and urgently too.

Consequently, permit me to inform our failed, bread and butter political leaders and elders that we cannot in good conscience continue to assure them of our unalloyed and unrestrained support, loyalty and followership. That we cannot say the trust and confidence we once had for them still exist.

This is due to their abysmal failure in performance, cruel and exploitative, selfish and deceitful attitude towards the people; making them to become increasingly disillusioned, worried, disturbed and in perpetual pain; that trust, we are bold to say, has waned and evaporated like the morning dew.

This means that we have actually woken up from our slumber and have decided to x-ray our past and present political office holders, leaders and representatives by stripping them naked in the court of public opinion as most of them cannot escape the scar of their ugly past.

As killers in presentable wrapper, they brought sadness, sorrow, pain, frustration, deprivation, poverty, hopelessness and helplessness to the people of the zone; yet they consider and rate themselves far superior in character, integrity, political expertise, imagination, creativity and strategic planning; smart politicians, deep thinkers and better politicians than the rest of us.

They now deserve to take some of it back for themselves; yes, we shall insist they do. Henceforth, they will begin to live with their past haunting their present.

This is the time to leave them behind and go forward into the future; time to lay aside our hopelessness and frustrations; time to shed our despair; time to start living again before it becomes a date and late.

To achieve the above, Ndi Okigwe zone have unanimously decided to fight for their liberation and emancipation from misrepresentation; from bad leadership; from the misappropriation of their commonwealth.

They have decided to commit themselves to ensuring to avoid those who are pathologically and pathetically insouciant of Okigwe interest. They also decided to uproot the phenomenological cancer of greed, self-centeredness, deception, covetousness and misappropriation from their body politics.

To have a transparency handshake with understanding and sensibility, consciousness through a new model transparency revolution. To dismantle the old order of sharing and coveting what ordinarily belonged to our poor masses which has sucked blood away from our zonal purse to near emptiness.

All of the above are holistic approach designed towards the introduction of a near perfect leadership recruitment method that will engender the recruitment of our political leadership and representatives from among our best; our first eleven and thereby stop the practice of allowing donkeys to lead us “LIONS”.

It is a misnomer; an abomination; a sacrilege to its continued practice!

Conversely and without sounding immodest, Okigwe zone parades a superfluity of very qualified men and women with profound profiles, more than other zones, but our greed and self-centered mentality continued to becloud our sense of reasoning and judgment.

Truth be told, I love Okigwe zone because we still have in abundance men and women in the mould of Dee Sam Mbakwe (of the blessed memory.) The man whose leadership template and model remained unsurpassed throughout the country till date.

Yes, we have them. But in all of this, my impression and opinion is that, it seems we are being held captive by a potent, disabling evil spell that causes us to be easily susceptible to the wiles and devious manipulation of our political office holders, leaders and representatives.

All these years past, we have been in the habit of calling a “Stallion ” a cow, yet we couldn’t get milk from it. So sad. Our so-called political leaders and elders who misappropriated and stole what belonged to us can call themselves anything but definitely not leaders or elders in the real sense of it, because we truly know who they are.

Their claim of working for the interest of Okigwe zone is anything but inspiring; it does not advance by one moral meter, but rather it is full of mere frivolous claims and grandiose political irrationalities; to say the least, it is quite reprehensible and weighing heavily against balance of reason. It is only leaders and elders with lying and deceitful spirit can indulge in such nauseating and demeaning fable.

Nevertheless, in time like this when people of rogue minds dissolve into faceless and integrity deficient political groups for selfish as opposed to general good, Ndi-Okigwe zone can only be suspicious.

Sadly enough, they have been caught up in their own web of lies, treachery and deception. However careful they pretend, the truth stares them in the face. Their self-image seems always in conflict with their outside perception.

My challenge to our so-called leaders and elders, especially those that has held or presently holding public office, if they are worth their salt, they should deflect the fact of greed, self-centeredness, misappropriation, covetousness, insensitive so presented by publishing their service scorecard.

They should tell us why they converted our revered traditional palaces to warehouses; why they diverted the federal and senatorial rice palliatives that ordinarily should be shared to our poor widows and less privileged ones scattered all over our rural villages and communities.

They must give account of the palliatives so far received from the federal government before they can engage us or appear in any further political meeting, whether in Okigwe zone or in any other zone on our behalf.

They should come out clean and tell us why they are routing for Deputy-Governorship and SSG position instead of supporting one of their own for Governor come 2027. It is our right and by extension our TURN.

They should state in detail state and federal government projects they attracted to Okigwe zone in the past two decades. They should publish names of Okigwe sons and daughters they empowered and names of indigent students under their scholarship.

They should tell us what happened to Nsu Tiles Ltd, Imo Modern Poultry Avutu, and Abadaba Lake Resort etc.

They should not hide under the forlorn cloak of deception and manipulation painted in mulish infantile turpitude.

The fact that they are doing all these evil to the people without infinitesimal consideration for their susceptibility makes them obnoxious. But we must dare them; yes ,we shall.

To escape from guilt and its consequences ;and the emptiness of having no kind words and acceptance from Ndi-Okigwe zone, compliance and answers to the questions presented herein suffice. I so submit.

Chief Dan Lawrence Oyiriaru (Ohamadike Obowo)

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