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Obollo Eke Community honours their son — Hon. Solomon Onah

Accords him grand homecoming reception in style


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Hon. Onah showcasing his award in appreciation

In a spectacular display of unity, culture, and admiration, the people of Obollo Eke Community came together on Sunday, December 10, 2023, to celebrate their son, Hon. Solomon Izuchukwu Onah (more fondly called Jack Solo), following his victory at the Court of Appeal and subsequent swearing-in/assumption of office, as the Member representing Udenu Constituency at the Enugu State House of Assembly.

The grand homecoming ceremony was marked by a red carpet reception, where the streets of Obollo Eke were adorned with vibrant colorful decorations leading to the community center where the main event took place. The occasion was graced by dignitaries, Captains of Industry, Traditional Rulers, the Clergy, well-wishers, and members of the public, including the Honourable Commissioner for Information in Enugu State — Aka Eze Aka, the Executive Chairman of Igbo Eze North and Nkanu East LGA — Prince Ejike Itodo, and his counterpart from Nkanu West, as well as some members of the State Assembly, all eager to pay tribute to Hon. Onah’s achievement.

As the highest political office holder in Udenu Constituency, the significance of Onah’s victory was not lost on his hometown. The event highlighted their immense pride in his accomplishments and their unalloyed support for his journey.

The celebration kicked off at about 01:00 PM local time, with a series of colorful cultural dances, showcasing the rich traditions and heritage of the Udenu people. The arrival of the Special Guest of Honour — Hon. Onah and his entourage was marked by elegant procession from the famous Ugwu Alleluia cliff to the venue of the grand reception, stretching about half kilometers of drumming songs and dances in styles. Performers adorned in vibrant attires and jewelry swayed to the rhythmic beats of drums, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivated the audience as he made his way into the arena.

Adding to the festive ambiance, traditional masquerades took center stage, enthralling the crowd with their captivating performances. Throughout the event, masquerades, adorned in elaborate costumes, showcased their unique dances and movements, leaving the spectators in awe.

The pinnacle of the event was the award ceremony, where Onah was honored for his outstanding achievement. Recognizing his dedication and service to the people of Udenu Constituency, the community leaders presented him with a prestigious award, symbolizing their appreciation and recognition of his contribution to the development of the constituency.

Addressing the gathering, Hon. Onah expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and reassured his commitment to serving the people diligently. He emphasized the importance of unity and urged the constituents to work together towards the progress and prosperity of entire Udenu.

The celebratory event further solidified the bond between Jack Solo and his people, with promises of continued collaboration and progress. The occasion also testified to the power of unity and collective pride, serving as a reminder of the potential for positive change when a community rallies behind its representative.

As the sun set on the joyful festivities, the people of Obollo Eke bid farewell to their beloved son and Member of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Onah. But the impact of this grand homecoming celebration will continue to resonate, reminding all that a united community can achieve great heights.

With this remarkable event, Jack Solo has set a new standard for community engagement and support, providing an inspiring example for future leaders in Udenu Constituency and beyond.

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