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Northern elders tell Tinubu to establish commission for herdsmen


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President Bola Tinubu’s administration has been urge by Northern Elders Forum (NEF) to establish a National Pastoralist Commission to protect the interests of Nigerian herdsmen.

Though, the call appears to be in response to the ongoing debate surrounding the proposed legislation to phase out open grazing and implement ranching agencies.

NEF stressed the necessity for a tailored initiative to tackle the concerns of herders, akin to past governmental interventions for communities in the South.

The spokesman of the group, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, in a statement on Sunday, highlighted the importance of creating policies and programmes to support pastoral communities, aiming to enhance their livelihoods.

NEF noted the significance of inclusive dialogue to find a balanced solution that considers the welfare of all stakeholders, advocating for a transition from open grazing to ranching while addressing environmental and security challenges.

Amidst disagreements in the National Assembly, the NEF called for collaborative decision-making that respects diverse perspectives.

Additionally, it urged the identification of suitable lands for grazing reserves and cattle routes, proposing the proclamation of a National Policy on Grazing and Livestock Development (NPGLD) and the establishment of a Special Intervention Initiative through various government agencies.

The NEF also called for the immediate establishment of a National Pastoralist Commission (NPC) to address the needs of livestock-rearing citizens.

Drawing parallels to previous governmental initiatives in the South, the NEF asserted the necessity of creating specialized structures to ensure lasting peace and stability in addressing the concerns of herdsmen.




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