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Nobody learns how to be left-handed at old age ~ by Tai Emeka Obasi

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The above caption is an Igbo adage about character of individuals roughly translated. I always have this adage at the back of my mind when writing movie scripts or novels. If you do not mould your characters well from beginning to end, your movie or published book will certainly fail. I saw Muhammadu Buhari from 1983 to 1985 and if he was fiction, the author failed woefully with the end product of today’s President Buhari.

As young as I was in 1985, my mind screamed that the then head of state was committing murder when he back-dated Decree 20 and executed three young undergraduates for trafficking in hard drugs. Prior to that, the same man of evidently iron knuckles had set up his taskforce of War against Indiscipline, WAI that operated by brutalizing and dehumanizing Nigerians, many of whom were innocent. Truth is told that at his time of coming, most Nigerians behaved much better than today but he still found them utterly corrupt and indiscipline.

It is therefore impossible to comprehend that the same man, who mercilessly detested indiscipline, could allow INEC get away with brazenly and amateurishly rigged elections. And the mother of all wonders – letting a man convicted, via forfeiture, of drug trafficking by a country as thorough as the United States succeed him as president. Problem here is that Buhari is even the one forcing this ‘Pablo Escobar’ on Nigerians who clearly rejected him. Nothing in scripting or real life will make the merging of these two extremes explainable. Question resurfaces – who is this present Buhari in Aso Rock?


Obasi writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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