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No private jets, media frenzy as Peter Obi gives out daughter in marriage


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Former governor of Anambra State and frontline presidential aspirant, Peter Obi yesterday (April 17, 2022) gave out his daughter in marriage.

According to an Anambra citizen that attended the marriage ceremony and spoke to News.band in confidence, “Unlike a typical Nigerian politician, Peter Obi gave out his daughter in marriage with no media advert frenzy, no private jets and without fanfare!”

What was also striking was the near absence of top Nigeria politicians.

He continued, “Just imagine it was someone else with Obi’s political stature and deep pocket. A former governor, Chairman of banks, a multimillionaire and a presidential candidate, imagine how the atmosphere would have been?”

News.band reported last year that when President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf, wedded the Emir of Bichi’s daughter, Zahra Nasir Bayero, at an elaborate ceremony in August last year, It was a day of glitz, glamour and a showcase of private jets by Nigerian politicians and other affluent citizens. Some media reports say over 100 private jets flew into the Aminu Kano Airport in Kano.

Yusuf Buhari and wife Zahra
Yusuf Buhari and wife Zahra


News.band also learnt that “lady in question, born and brought up in the UK, with super education, left all the good life and luxury to come and teach in a primary school in Nigeria. Why? It’s in the blood.”

According to another PDP member, “So, when Peter Obi tells you he’ll make it simple, believe him. When he tells you he’ll stop Nigeria that’s bleeding and restore it to good health, take it to the bank, he will. You’ll be surprised that Nigeria asphyxiating under heavy debts may begin to save money again. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again! Let’s help save our country!”


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