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No evidence of rape against our son before Police – Family of Director NIMC


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Family of the Director of National Identity Management Commission in Imo, Ikenna Unegbu has debunked a rape allegation raised against him by the mother of alleged victim, Chinonye Obioma

Unegbu was accused of raping a two-year old girl.

The Director of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) in Imo State, Mr. Ikenna Unegbu was arraigned in court for allegedly defiling a 2-year-old girl

In a statement issued by the family of Unegbu to debunk the “blackmail” by Mrs Chinnoye, the family asserted that the Police was unable to establish any rape during their investigation on the case.

The Family in the statement made Available to ElombahNews today said, “The police investigated the case both at the divisional office and State Command and issued a report that there’s no evidence against our son.

“The woman and her conspirators insisted the case be charged to court. The police obliged in other to wash their hands off the case. Their plan was to remand our son in prison once it gets to court.

“It is obvious there are forces behind her that wants our son out of the office by all means. When their plan of remanding our son in prison did not work, they resorted to media war which has worked for them for now as our son have been placed on indefinite suspension pending when the court judgment is obtained. Presently, the court is waiting for DPP’s advise and adjourned sitting to 26th March”, the family said in a statement.

Narrating how their son was set up, the family explained that the single mother who accused their son of raping her two year old daughter has been working as freelance photographer before our son joined the commission .

The family said: “On the 5th of February 2020, the little girl was with her mum and was crying. Our son happened to be outside at that moment, so he walked up to them and asked the mum what the problem was. She told our son that she beat the child and our son jokingly scolded the woman to make the child stop crying. As Ikenna walked away, the child ran after him and followed him. All those while he kept a female visitor in his office waiting, whom he offered biscuits and groundnuts before stepping out of the office. His female secretary was there as well.


“The little girl followed him till he got into office which was strange cos she doesn’t come into my office. The female visitor gave her a pack of biscuit and asked her to go show her mum. And the child left immediately. After a short while, Ikenna stepped out again leaving the female visitor in the office. The child returned while he was away and demanded for another biscuit from the visitor who offered her some groundnuts instead and she left. The child came back again, this time Ikenna was back on seat and the female visitor was still around coupled with his secretary who was on seat all those while. There was nothing to give her this time around so she left and never returned.

“After work at about 5:40pm, Ikenna left in company of my hisbcolleague and the female visitor leaving his secretary behind. Had two other colleagues who saw when he left with the visitor. Ikenna and his colleagues even saw the child and her mother at the gate, waved at them at drove off. Only for the woman to call him later at night at 7:53pm to accuse him of raping her daughter in the office.”

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