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Nkpor Development Union: The dawn of a new era


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In December 27 2023, Chief Godwin Amadike assumed the position of President General (PG) of Nkpor Development Union (NDU) and immediately embarked on a trajectory of positive and commendable leadership.

With a strategic approach to appointments, Chief Amadike has assembled a team of exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds to join him in his quest to repositioning Nkpor community. The recent appointments highlight his commitment to inclusivity, as he distributed positions across various kindreds, clans, and community quarters comprising Nkpor Obodo Dike town.

Within the first two weeks of his emergence from the polls, he has constituted Committees and made the following appointments into Security, Health, and Education Committees among others.

To ensure the safety and well-being of Nkpor residents, Chief Amadike appointed Chief Okey Udeze as the Chairman of the Security Committee. With a wealth of experience as a security expert in previous government roles, Chief Udeze is well-equipped to lead this crucial committee. The committee’s primary objective is to devise effective strategies to safeguard the community against potential threats and ensure a peaceful environment for all residents.

Chief Amadike further constituted several other committees, which will work alongside him to give Nkpor a significant facelift, exactly as he promised during his election campaign. These committees include the Health Committee, chaired by Dr. Azuka Obi, with Dr. Ifeanyi Jideofor serving as the secretary and Dr. Marcel Idemili as a member. Their collective expertise will be instrumental in enhancing healthcare services and addressing any health-related challenges faced by the community.

Additionally, the Education Committee, led by Mrs. Ifeoma Jude Okeke as Chairperson, and Mrs. Comfort Brown Umeghalu as Secretary, aims to improve educational facilities and programs within Nkpor. Their commitment to driving educational development, along with the valuable input of another great member Okafor Nchekwube Emmanuel, will undoubtedly lead to better opportunities and outcomes for the community’s youth.

Moreso, recognizing the importance of legal guidance, Chief Amadike appointed a team of competent legal advisers to navigate legal matters for NDU. Barristers Ikechukwu Obianyo, Buchi Okechukwu, and Godwin Ibeabuchi possess a depth of legal knowledge and experience crucial to protecting the community’s interests and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

In addition to forming committees, Chief Amadike selected key individuals for his kitchen cabinet, who will play vital roles in supporting his vision for Nkpor’s development. Barrister Buchi Okechukwu, appointed as the Principal Personal Assistant to the President General, will provide invaluable advice and assistance in various areas. Dr. Ifeanyi Jideofor assumes the role of the Personal Assistant to the President General on Political Matters, leveraging his expertise to navigate political dynamics and ensure effective governance. Dr. Stanley Obi, and Barr. Godwin Ibeabuchi who were appointed as Personal Assistants to the President General on Media and Special Duties, will spearhead communication strategies and manage special projects, fostering enhanced public engagement.

Chief Godwin Amadike’s leadership of NDU has begun on an exceptionally positive note. Through his appointments, Chief Amadike demonstrates a strong commitment to inclusivity, bringing together the best minds from various backgrounds to reposition the community. The Security Committee and various other committees will focus on crucial areas such as safety, healthcare, and education, making significant strides in Nkpor’s progress. Moreover, the legal advisers and support from the kitchen cabinet will prove instrumental in facilitating effective governance and communication efforts. Nkpor residents can rest assured that their interests are in capable hands, and under Chief Amadike’s leadership, the community is poised for a prosperous and transformational future.

— Dr. Stanley Obi and Barr. Godwin Ibeabuchi
Personal Assistants to the President General On Media And Special Duties.

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