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Nigeria’s 1999 Constitutional Order Cause Of Money And Security Woes


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Many Nigerians think that the 1999 Constitution is just a book that lawyers and the political class quote from. Yet, it is the very Document that sets up what will happen to them, as long as there is a Nigeria Union. This 1999 Forgery imposed upon Nigerians keeps them in Bondage so as to exploit them and exploit the resources in their ancestral lands. When a people are highly exploited like Nigerians are, it is impossible for them to develop (eg the indigenous peoples of the Niger Delta, and of the FCT). As an illustration, think of a “big madam” who exploits her now adult housemaid. Her maid came to her when still a little child, was overworked and was never sent to school or allowed vocational training. Under such circumstances, is it possible for this maid to develop? So, how can Nigerians who are under Bondage and exploited develop!

NINAS (Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination) also identified that this 1999 Constitution is the Instrument that empowers the horrendous Fulani Conquest Agenda. Therefore, when Nigerians groan that Nigeria is not working for them, it is because they are under Bondage and facing a Fulani Conquest Agenda. Quite deliberately, their environment lacks infrastructure, their businesses will find it hard to survive, and insecurity will abound.

It is known that small and midsized businesses (SMEs) are the backbone of a country, but Nigeria’s SMEs are being brought to failure. Many have already been destroyed eg farms, and many have been forced to close down. Yet more will still be destroyed and more will close down because the 1999 Constitution source of the decline and danger remains in operation.

To see how the 1999 constitutional order causes economic and security woes, let us consider things that are happening to SME owners as reported in newspapers. Many complain that economic hardship is destroying their businesses. These are for example tailors, dry cleaners, carwash operators, carpenters, masons, food outlet owners, and mechanics – all of them people who need electricity. Not only has the cost of epileptic electricity increased, but the cost of fuel for generators has also increased. These costs are passed down to their customers with the effect that either customers stopped coming altogether, or reduced the frequency of patronizing those businesses. One tailor even said that he could stay a whole month without even a single customer coming to his shop. Some SME owners have been forced to close shop and become taxi drivers, mini-bus shuttle drivers, or tricycle (keke) drivers. Ordinary Nigerians are finding it difficult if not impossible to build houses because of the high cost of cement, steel rods, and increased labour costs etc. A grocery stall owner, “Cautioned that if urgent action is not taken to control the rising cost of items in the market, many businesses would collapse, and the business environment is no longer promising.” When there is little or no income coming in, paying of rent and paying back loans may not happen. Mothers also complain that they can no longer afford to give their children nutritious meals, so eggs, beans, fish and even vegetables are no longer on the family menu. Hunger is in the land. People had thought that starving children with bloated bellies was only for Biafrans (1967 – 1970), but Nigerians are finding out that starvation is for them too as the same Fulani Conquest Agenda previously disguised as “civil war” is also after them.

The provisions of the 1999 Constitution make Nigeria a hostile and dangerous place for Nigerians. Although the entire 1999 Constitution is the problem because all of it is a Forgery, and none of it was created or agreed to by indigenous Ethnic Nations, some parts of it that are directly responsible for economic woes and insecurity should be known. These provisions work together and with other provisions not listed here to create an environment that harms indigenous peoples. They are:

  • The Preamble – Its false claims that “We the people” agreed to be in a Unitary Nigeria Union and therefore created the 1999 Constitution, hijack the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic nations.
  • The 68-Item Exclusive List (Second Schedule, Part 1) – 68 critical infrastructure areas that are under exclusive control of Central Government.
  • Section 6.6C – It makes security, development, and welfare provided for in Chapter 2, not enforceable.
  • Section 81 and 82 – Appropriation provisions that effectively give the spare key of the treasury to the President.
  • Section 121 and 122 – Appropriation provisions that effectively give the spare key of the treasury to State Governors.
  • Section 308 – Immunity clause for certain office holders.

Nigeria is made up of individuals so the effects of the 1999 Constitution knock out individual lives and individual livelihoods – one by one. As mentioned above, Presidents and State Governors have spare keys to the treasury so the political class can loot as they like (Sec 81 & 82; Sec 121 & 122). The immunity clause protects some of them who will see to it that those who loot with them would also go uncaught and unpunished (Sec 308). Since the treasury is looted, the money supposed to be used for providing electricity, good road, rail and river transportation, sanitation, waste disposal services, free grants for start-ups, low or nil interest loans, free training, free advice for businesses etc – all those things needed for SMEs to thrive, are not provided, and government is not obliged to do so (Sec 6.6C). Critical infrastructure like electricity (national grid regulation), availability of petrol and diesel etc are on the Exclusive List and thus not controlled by indigenous peoples. If indigenous Ethnic Nations had been the ones to create their Union Agreement (ie Constitution) for themselves, they would have made sure that it would not harm them or their development. But as it is, the imposed 1999 Constitution works against them.

Nigerians are killed by armed Fulani for land grabbing in the fastest phase of the Fulani Conquest Agenda. These crimes are enabled by the 1999 Constitution because control of arms and ammunition are on the Exclusive List. Only Central Government can authorise who can carry guns eg the Armed Forces, Police, Civil Defence etc. (So State Governments cannot do so). There is therefore a risk of shoot-on-sight for anybody in possession of a gun who does not have authority to do so. The fact that Fulani can openly carry AK-47s means that they have been authorised to do so, but Nigerians have not been. Lt Gen (rtd) T Y Danjuma had in 2018 raised the alarm that government security services “collude” with the killers of Nigerians.

An indigenous Ethnic Nation’s ability to survive, thrive, and protect its people and its land comes from owning and controlling everything in its ancestral space: land, waters, and air, plus in deciding who can come in and who can be deported. Therefore, as an indigenous Ethnic Nation, it is only what you own and control that counts. The 1999 Constitution does not allow indigenous Ethnic Nations to access, control, or use their God-given valuable natural resources, or decide what happens on their land. Also, they cannot control who comes into their space, and are prevented from defending themselves against invaders or enemies. Their Sovereignty is being illegitimately overridden by Government through the 1999 Constitution.

Just days after Independence, Ahmadu Bello made it known that the Fulani were on a mission to make Nigeria their “estate”, informing Nigerians that they would become a conquered people and that the Fulani Conquest Agenda would proceed with the help of indigenous Willing Tools. Today, those Willing Tools are the indigenous political class – they sustain and Enforce the 1999 Constitution that works against Nigerians and that empowers Fulanization. All political parties even the ones that claim to be anti-corruption or for youths, ALL of them subscribe to the 1999 Constitution. Elections give life to the 1999 Constitution when the winner swears an Oath of Office to uphold and govern by that Forgery. To rescue themselves, save their livelihoods, and save their Ethnic Nation, this is what Nigerians are to do:

  • Given that the 1999 Constitution is the source of miseries and existential threats, it is a Forgery that needs to be thrown out. All of it.
  • Therefore the 1999 Constitution must be Decommissioned.
  • Since elections give the 1999 Constitution its life, ALL political parties must SHUTDOWN preparations for 2027 National Elections.
  • 2027 Elections must not happen while there is a constitutional crisis produced by the 1999 Constitution, so Demand immediate TRANSITIONING for Constitutional Renegotiations. The final outcome can be a Federation or Confederation.
  • This Union of death with its Fulani Conquest Agenda and Bondage imposed by the illegitimate 1999 Constitution cannot continue to destroy Nigerians, and will be pushed back. If Transitioning is avoided, the default position is Dissolution of the Nigeria Union, where Ethnic Nations would Disperse in formations (Blocs) of their choice as independent Successor Countries.
  • Sovereignty belongs to indigenous Ethnic Nations so they have a DUTY to take responsibility for their future and take charge of their space.


Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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