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Nigerian Troops uncovers Boko Haram/ISWAP secrete detention cell


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The Nigerian Troops have uncovered a
a secret detention site used by Boko Haram and it’s affiliates the Islamic State of the West African Province.

According to Zagazola, it was learnt that ISWAP prison operating in the Suburbs of BUK in Sambisa Forest was discovered by the joint troops of the Special Forces Brigade comprising of 134 SF , 198 SF and 199 SF Battalion.

Intelligence Reports revealed that the facilities biults with huge iron locks, hooks, were used torturing innocent civilians and imprisoned of servicemen abducted on the high ways during ambush by the terrorists in the North East.

It was also gathered that there were separate cells and torture rooms set aside for convicted and erring insurgents fighters who committed various crimes were held hostage and tortured.

Investigation revealed that there is also a separate facility for abducted Humanitarian and government workers who would later be released when huge ransom are paid.

The terrorists within the Sambisa Forest and Timbuktu Triangle who hardly engaged in farming due to the intensified counter insurgency campaign by the Military, used the proceed from the kidnapping to buy logistics, food, fuel, weapons, Urea fartilisers for bombs.

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