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Nigerian man spotted selling roasted corn by roadside in London


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A Nigerian man simply identified as Adebayo is trending online after a video of him selling roasted corn on the street of London was uploaded on TikTok.

Mr Adebayo who was dressed in a shirt and jeans, completed his casual looks with a pair of sun shades.

He was besieged by a crowd of Nigerians who wanted a cob or two of the freshly roasted corn.

When one of his customers remarked that she loved the fact that the man was not ashamed of selling corn on the road, Adebayo said he was never ashamed of hustling.

He said he had passed through a lot before he decided to be selling corn on the roadside.

“I know wetin my eye see before I enter road dey sell corn” he told his listeners.

Many Nigerians were so eager to have a bite of his corn that they crowded him and jostled each other to touch the corn.

Adebayo warned them not to touch the corn and threatened to stop selling if people did not behave themselves.

Someone in the comment section noted that the same guy provides ‘asun’ services for Nigerians throwing parties. Asun is a Nigerian delicacy of chopped goat meat cooked in spicy stew.

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