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Nigeria is not the poorest country in the world

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Nigeria is not the poorest country in the world.

A prediction that Nigeria will by February 2018 overtake India as the country with the most people in extreme poverty sparked an online debate in Elombah.com Newsroom today.

“Currently, 82 million Nigerians live in extreme poverty, which is 42.4 percent of Nigeria’s population” – SOURCE: World Poverty Clock

However Central African Republic, CAR, is the poorest country in the world
Taking the number one spot is the Central African Republic. Fighting over resources and control has led to incredible amounts of poverty and suffering in this nation, and as a result, it’s currently the world’s poorest.

DPR is number 2
The two poorest countries in the world are adjacent to each other in central Africa. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (different from Republic of the Congo), much like the first country on this list, has been in the middle of all sorts of military and political upheavals for a long time.

Burundi is the third
Burundi, the world’s third poorest country, is a small country in Central Africa. Problems with government
corruption and coups have crippled Burundi’s ability to develop, and, as a result, poverty is widespread.

Liberia is 4th
Liberia is often pointed to as an example of a failed state . The country has suffered and struggled mightily for a variety of reasons, including the recent outbreak of Ebola and the rise of militant groups and warlords controlling resources.

Number five, Niger, is in North and Central Africa, bordering Mali, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, and Chad. Niger has oil reserves, but corruption and other internal problems have also led to significant economic issues.

We mentioned Malawi, and it lands at number six on the list. Malawi is a small country in eastern Africa, which has largely been crippled by government corruption. That, in turn, has caused economic strife at all levels.

Number 7
Mozambique, on the other hand, is located on Africa’s southeast coast, bordering Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa. Unfortunately, it too is struggling with crippling poverty.

Number 8
We’re staying on the African continent for numbers seven and eight. In the eighth position, we get the nation of Guinea, located in West Africa and bordered by Sierra Leone, Mali, Senegal, among others. And like with most West African nations, life is tough for most of the population.

Number 9
Eritrea is even less well known, but it was famously included in Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” executive order.

Number 10
When it comes to the world’s poorest countries, the lion’s share of them are in Africa. Right off the bat, in the number 10 and nine spots, we get two African nations: Madagascar and Eritrea. Madagascar is still struggling to develop, and most people would only associate the island nation with the animated movie of the same name.

So guys, Nigeria is not even in the top ten poorest.

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