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Nigeria: Is Restructuring And Revolution The Way


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It is imperative to note that the atmosphere of Nigeria in the past years has been brewed up in the cantata of ‘restructuring’. No skepticism, Nigeria as a nation violating unity in diversity need political reform in this scathing time. But, as the modification of rectification of problems is looking back to the cause, whether antique or recent. In the same accordance, we must sit down and muse about what propelled Nigeria into the mud of dissatisfaction and bond us firm to the wheel of nostalgic and deterioration. Stopping the drive of romantic nostalgia of the good-bad old days is the first feasible step which would indicate our frankness and mindful loyalty to the cause of restructuring.

For those who sees Nigeria as the creation of Lord Lugard, this is the actual time to return them back to the pages of history, that, Lugard is just an hirelings hired by the owner of Nigeria creation which most of us prevent to name due to the fault of our myopic knowledge of historical fact, the man, George Taubman Goldie, manned with ‘Imperial Charter’ to establish trade monopoly from what was called then by the colonialist the ‘Old River’ to the Old Trade routes of Sahara. Taubman was the creator in creation of Nigeria. Not for humanity but for exploitative profit from resources deposited by nature in Nigeria, solely powered by the British government.

To maintain balance, Nigeria must abolish emblem of monarchies, India is a substantial evidence of this, when it enacted the law that abolished all monarchies to restructured the Indian Federation into a full working republic in 1972. There must be an enactment that will erase all sort of institution which are irrelevant to the levelling of our treasury and full blown of concentrated federalism. This now called for rapt attention of the Nigerian Parliamentarians.

Many blamed has been hurled against President MG Muhammadu Buhari for not being upfront according to his campaign which has been downplayed into propaganda, which enshrined restructuring as part of the agendum of his government if resumed office. Nigerians might be right, but their right is limited to legal know-how and it’s framework. 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not authorise or empower the President with executive order or autonomy to veto ‘restructuring’ without the ractification of the legislative tiers of government. So I don’t pester to blame this on His Excellency. The President does not have the power to decree Nigeria polity into a new existence.

National Assembly is the right channel to foster restructuring, Nigerian must try to pressurize each political party who has the legislative fist to foster bill and enact laws that would bring about strong use of tenets of federalism. Restructuring is viable thorough review and constitutional amendment of act of parliament.

People tend to say we must run true federalism, I truly wonder if there is anything like true federalism in actual conceptual ideas of word. Nothing like true federalism, federalism is federalism, we are the one to practice its tenets rightly.

Restructuring must start from upholding unity in diversity that which is the bedrock of having a balance nationhood. Looking far back to 1957 when both the Eastern and Western region has reached a compromise to vye for sovereignty which is term, ‘HOME RULE’, nonetheless, they waited upon the Northern region till 1959 to act in accordance with the spirit of building a nationhood devoid of ethnicity, nepostism and favouritism. I implore us to see this as one of the doctrine the restructuring we must build upon.

State policing is part of what our restructuring should edify, we must inculcate the disposition of developed country like the U.S. who have different Sheriff (policing) department to undertake operation and still yet has FBI as the security operatives under the jurisdiction of their Central Government. The fear of many is the misuse of power that will be elicit by Governors, considering this is just like thinking backward against the realm of civilization.

DSS, EFCC, ICPC, Nigeria Army, Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies are being usurp by people in position of power, this is what the restructuring would fight against, the use of power with absurdity, and show of constitutional high-handedness and usurpation is all what restructuring of Nigeria will be set upon to rectify.

Like restructuring, Nigeria needs a revolution. The needed revolution I stand as proponent for is not of a war of ethnicity, not a rancour between farmers and herdsmen, not of students against cranky management, nor a fuss amidst political jobbers. It is a revolution that evolve from ones (citizens) mind. It cannot be process with arms or ballistic missiles, but with a pristine heart, mind, soul, and spirit to break walls and unfettered slavish chains.

I called this revolution – ‘Revolution of Consciousness’. That which would spring from the lowest to the greatest, it is not just about a man aiming to seize authority. It is about we citizen giving in to renaissance of our mind, quenching embers of myopic perception, obliterating altars of self-prejudice, defusing bomb of racism, favouritism, ethnic jingoism, solipsism, religious extremism and burning down tons of socio-political sentiments.

The aforementioned description of restructuring and revolution must permeate through you and me, the characteristics must be etch in our doings. Shalom.

Kolawole Emmanuel Tayo is a Writivist from Ibadan.

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