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Nigeria is indeed turning around as northern Islamic clerics endorse Peter Obi — POEM

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When he started his quest to become Nigeria’s next president, Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, promised to turn Nigeria around if given the chance.

He declared further, “Don’t vote for me because I’m an Igbo man or because I am a Christian…or because I am from Southern Nigeria. Rather vote for me because I am a Nigerian, who is the most qualified in all positive indices of measurement amongst all 17 other candidates.”

He has been going round the country and beyond, preaching his intentions for dear country, which centre on true unity, security of every citizen and making use of our diversity to shift from Consumption to Production economy.

Fight and stop corruption and generally usher in a new Nigeria for the people; of the people and by the people of this giant entity (Nigeria) blessed with river Niger and Benue amongst many other valuable mineral resources.

And the vibes are all positive while the turnaround is already evidently visible if the very powerful Northern Islamic Clerics could see beyond the perennial religious sentiments to endorse a candidate based on his qualities to deliver a sinking nation from the wicked grips of the old order.

HE Peter Gregory Obi has conquered ethnic and religious barriers. Just make sure you have your PVC ready to be part of the history of February 25, 2023. Our destiny will change for good.

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