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Nigeria finally rescinds retaliatory ban on Emirates Airline


The federal government has cancelled restrictions on Emirates airline flights, Nigerian aviation minister, Hadi Sirika, said on Friday.

Nigeria suspended Emirates Airline from flying into or out of its territory after the carrier imposed additional COVID-19 test requirements on passengers from Nigeria.

“Today we received communications from Emirates removing some of the conditions for travelling for which we had concerns.

“Having done that it is necessary to lift the ban on Emirates. This subsequent lifting of ban is a product of lengthy negotiations between us and them,” Mr Sirika said.

On Friday, Dubai Airports released a statement on the conditions placed on inbound passengers traveling to Dubai from Nigeria, Uganda Vietnam and Zambia.

“The Inbound passengers, who are eligible to travel to Dubai from the aforementioned countries shall comply with the following:

“The passenger(s) shall present a VALID Negative Covid-19 Test certificate that is issued within the valid time frame, namely, 72 hours from the time of collecting the sample and from approved health service, which use QR code system.

“Passenger(s) shall undergo a PCR test upon arrival at Dubai Airports,” the statement read in part.

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