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New York City enters high COVID-19 alert status



Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday upgraded New York City’s COVID-19 alert status to high because of a recent surge in people being hospitalised for the virus.

The change in status came as the number of hospitalisation in the city due to coronavirus had increased steadily over the past two months and as more and more New Yorkers tested positive.

“New York City has transitioned to a high COVID alert level, meaning now is the time to double down on protecting ourselves and each other by making choices that can keep our friends, neighbours, relatives and coworkers from getting sick,’’ the city’s Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan, said in a written statement.

“As a city, we have the tools to blunt the impact of this wave, including distributing tests, masks and promoting treatments.

“ Getting back to Low Risk depends on everyone doing their part and if we follow guidance; our forecasts anticipate this wave’s peak will not last long. What we do now can make all the difference.’’

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