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Native narrates shocking details of how gunmen killed Hon. Achukwu after collecting N15m ransom in Anambra


A native of Ukpor, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, the home town of the late Hon. Barr. Nelson Emeka Achukwu, popularly known as Mandela, who was killed by gunmen after collecting N15 million ransom, has disclosed to News Band the circumstances surrounding the killing and decapitation of the former lawmaker.

This medium had reported on Wednesday that rampaging gunmen beheaded Hon. Achukwu with the headless body of the politician discovered by his family members two weeks after he was abducted by the hoodlums terrorising the neighbourhood.

The report stated that Achukwu, a former member of Anambra State House of Assembly, who was physically challenged, was kidnapped from his home in Ukpor.

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The source narrated: “In January this year, he buried his mother. Hoodlums came a day after the burial to pick his nephew who was a soldier in the Nigerian Army.

“In the course of running around to rescue his nephew, the hoodlums picked him as well. When they picked him, he spent some days with them and they released him.

“So, when they released him, he was kind of “they are not so bad after all”, you understand, apparently because they picked him and released him in a short while.

“Along the line something happened. Meanwhile, even his nephew they picked has not been released as we speak now.

“Later, they picked one of his boys as he has a chain of businesses he runs in the town including filling station, pure water company, trucks for transporting gravel/ sand, and also hospitality business like bar and restaurant.

“He is a multimillionaire investor in the community and he has a lot of employees.

“So apparently because he has been in touch with the hoodlums, he called the commander and along the line had a sharp, angry exchange with him.

“After that, he ran away from Ukpor; he ran to his base in Awka, because he has houses in Awka too. He was staying in Awka but shuttles down to Ukpor to do one or two things and goes back to sleep in Awka.

“So, when they saw him one evening, they went to his house only to discover that he did not sleep in his house that day.

“Later, someone called him and told him he wanted to discuss something important with him at his office but he declined to meet at his office.

“The caller then proposed to meet him at the market. In his mind, market is an open place and he felt that nothing sinister could happen in a place like a market so he agreed for the meeting.

“However, the moment he came to the market, they picked him from there. They picked him on a Saturday, then, the next week Friday, that was two weeks ago, they contacted his family.

“He called one of his friends and begged him to negotiate with the hoodlums who, he said demanded N15 million; that they should raise the money for his release which he assured will be refunded as soon as he is freed.

“The N15 million was raised instantly the same Friday because they gave only one hour to do so.

“They directed that the money be brought to Ulasi River, somewhere between Ukpor and Orsumoghu; from there they said the money should be brought to Ihiala; from Ihiala they directed the money be brought to a certain junction and told the bearer to drop the money there.

“Throughout all the movement, they were talking with the bearer using the victim’s phone.

“The moment they dropped the money, they picked the money and instantly cut off communication.

“Two weeks after collecting the money, they called and told the family to go and pick his corpse somewhere. They went there on Tuesday and found the corpse.

“But when they saw his corpse, the blood was still fresh which indicated that he was apparently killed less than 24 hours before the dead body was recovered.

“So he was probably killed on Monday and the dead body dumped in the nearby River Ulasi, between Ukpor and Orsumoghu.

“You know they operate from their base somewhere in Orsumoghu; I’m not sure.”

He, however, denied the part of the story that he “was hurriedly buried by the family on Tuesday, 21st June, 2022, because he was already decomposing.”

According to him, he is yet to be buried as the decomposing body is yet to be recovered and the workers who went for the recovery faced logistics challenges and are making fresh demands to discharge the task.

“He will be buried as soon as the dead body is recovered,” he added.

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