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My wife using UK system to frustrate me — UK-based Nigerian man


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A Nigerian man simply identified as Akinbosola Ogunsanya has taken to X to call out his wife for using the police and the United Kingdom system to frustrate him.

Mr Ogunsanya alleged that his wife denied him the joy of fatherhood by denying him access to his child.

He also alleged that his wife lied to the police that he used her personal details to take out a loan, adding that his personal effects such as his phone, have been seized by the police since November last year.

He made other allegations, adding that the wife was trying to frustrate him since he abandoned everything for her and moved out of the house when he could no longer stomach the abuse she was meting out to him.

However, a lady who claims to know the couple very well responded to his tweets, alleging that Ogunsanya was not being entirely truthful.

She alleged that Ogunsanya was in the habit of stealing from his wife and kids, among other things.

Read the tweets beginning with Ogunsanya’s below, “I’ve kept quiet for a long time mate and I’m literally tired. Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies denying another person the joy of fatherhood. As if that’s not enough, they still lied to the police that I used their details to take out loans.. omg! in this England?

“It degenerated into me getting arrested for no just reason! The police still have my belongings including my phone since November of last year and all of this is because I didn’t go back to where I was being maltreated and abused.

“You guys have taken everything but I won’t let you take my son, if it requires my last breath to fight justly within the bounds of the law, my spirit no go wenkule

“10 fucking months and all I’ve got is only one lousy Photo when my son was born. I have to rely on strangers to send me photos of my own son, it’s ridiculous. They are hiding my own son from me because I didn’t go back to my place of pain and suffering. It’s unimaginable

“I won’t stop fighting until I have my son!

“I’m having a bad mental health day today because I’ve spent the best part of the day with my mate, his Mrs and their little one who reminds me of my 10 month old son I’ve never seen before because some people think denying a man the joy of fatherhood is the price you pay for refusing to be a slave. Several thousands of pounds have been spent on solicitors and court documents. Money that should go towards Zachary’s welfare. Fucking ridiculous man

“If she won’t trick you into having a child with her in other (order) to use the child to manipulate, threaten and control you. My type is the type who won’t be hiding your own damn son from you and won’t go about lying and tarnishing your image because of council flat and child support.

The wife’s friend, Whitney, responds by stating that he was not telling the whole truth. She laid a few allegations against Ogunsanya.

@thewhitney, “You would steal from her, steal from her kids too. The woman had to start putting her stuff in her car booth and lock them.

“You sold the wedding band. Sold the Apple wristwatch she bought you, sold the iPad she bought you, her Gucci shoes.

“@MrAkinbosola there’s evidence

When a netizen asked how it was possible for a father to steal from his kid, @thewhitney wrote, “He broke into their piggy banks. Stole their games. Their bicycles mind you, this woman already had two big kids a 14 year old and 8 year old before he came into the pic. He broke into the woman’s 14 year old and 8 year old’s piggy banks. He stole the 8 year old‘s bicycle and Nintendo DS, 700 pounds from the woman’s piggy too.

“Should I go onnn? There’s evidence o!”

The wife is yet to respond personally

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