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My wife got pregnant for another man in my house — Harrysong


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Nigerian highlife maestro, Harrysong has accused his estranged wife Alexer Perez of infidelity during their marriage.

He said Perez got pregnant for another man while they were still married.

During an Instagram live session, Harrysong revealed that he married into a family with a history of promiscuity, citing that his ex-wife’s mother had been married multiple times and continued to cheat in her current marriage.

The singer claimed that his estranged wife informed him of her pregnancy a year after they had stopped intimate relations, clearly indicating that the child was not his.

He said, “My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sleeping with her for almost a year. She was pregnant with another man inside my marriage. The only thing I did was to ask her to return to her family. I needed time to get to know her because I didn’t know who she really was. I married her because people said she was a loyal, humble and God-fearing Christian.”

The musician’s shocking revelations have drawn significant attention on social media, highlighting the personal and family challenges he faced during his marriage.

Alexer Perez Reacts

But responding to Harrysong’s allegations, Perez during an Instagram live session denied sleeping with another man.

She said Harrysong was the cheat in their relationship, recalling that on the night of their wedding she caught him with a girl in their hotel room.

Perez said she was in the restaurant downstairs, not knowing her husband had taken a girl into their hotel room for a ‘quickie’.

According to her, she went upstairs and caught him with the girl she called Michelle.

Alexer claimed Harrysong had ‘Asaba Ashawo 1’, ‘Asaba Ashawo ‘2 and Asaba Ashawo 3’ saved on his phone.

“Only you still have ‘Lagos Ashawo 1’ and ‘Lagos Ashawo 2’ on your phone”, she alleged.

She alleged that she was treated for numerous infections while with Harrysong.

She questioned why he involved her mother in their issues and urged him to move on. She also named several women Harrysong allegedly dated during their marriage and accused him of domestic violence.

Alexer stated that she endured numerous infections while staying with him because she wanted to build a marriage, only to realize she was with the wrong person.

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