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My resolution on Governor Charles Soludo ~ by Odumodu Gbulagu


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I am human. Unlike Chief Willie Obiano, I have conscience.

I join one writer I read in insisting that the only thing that will save Prof. Charles Soludo is to use one clear month to study what is on the ground and make a state-wide broadcast on what he is inheriting.

He should not be economical with the truth. Why tell us, for example, that you met 300 to 400 million Naira when you actually met 1.4 million Naira. It is not about saving your benefactor, but about respect for the truth.

Those of us who monitored Obiano know for sure that he is owing over 200 billion Naira to contractors, borrowed the same amount. He has not paid gratuities since 2017. He collected 1.25 billion monthly as security votes for eight years, etc.

Knowing the rot, I am convinced you would have a great task achieving your promises. Expectedly, your first tenure will be a period of recovery and not even of re-building.

Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano
Former Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano

How would you award contracts to contractors already owed over 200 billion? People wondered why Obiano was not doing anything in his last years, simply because they shared all the money the state received.

It is also on record that he received more money than any other government both as allocation/refunds and from IGR. Take for example, he received 45 billion as refund on federal roads built by Obi, but how much refund would you receive on federal roads he built? Nothing!

You have to tell us all this because one day they would claim you have received 60 billion refund on imaginary federal projects he did. We know them and know what they are capable of doing. This was how they talked about “Near cash.” How would you feel one day, out of their confusion, they claim you received “Near cash” from them?

Your boys will tell you how, when Anambrarians were celebrating the fact that Obi handed surplus of 75 billion Naira, the likes of Harrison Madubueze, James Eze, Emeka Odionu, Ifeanyi Afuba, Ejike Anyaduba, Okechukwu Anarado and other e-rats calculated roads on which certificates were not generated and called it liabilities as Willie did and instructed them to do.

So, in calculating liabilities, include the cost of roads he awarded but did not do. It is on record that he did not do 5% of the entire roads he awarded, while not doing 20% of the projects he inherited from Obi.

In fact, we shall be glad that you name the roads, otherwise one day they will claim they did it as they have collected money for some of the roads that are yet to be done and came up with the completion of over 1000 kilometers of road.

The confusion he planted in many towns will soon add to your many problems. How can a man who called himself Governor place caretaker in towns and markets simply because their candidates failed elections? Duly elected traditional rulers as in his town, were refused certificates of return for the same childish reasons.

As for those he paid monthly for doing nothing or those he over-inflated contracts as a good bye package like Chief Victor Umeh, whose Ekwulobia High court contract was over inflated from N150 million to N600 million, kindly call the file and study it.

We must stop mindless impunity in this state and you appear as a naturally made instrument to stop it. Please do not disappoint us.

We also want it publicly mentioned that Obiano said the airport cost him 45 billion and the Conference Centre 11 billion. Why did he hide the figures from the public?

As it is today, he left the highest number of uncompleted projects in Nigeria.

Our dear prof, you must know that Obiano is a grand 419 master and must be handled with care and caution.

If you noticed, I have not posted pictures of refuse and bad roads littering the state. If I did, that would be wickedness. I have resolved not to write such things for now under Soludo, because it will take him years to recover from Obiano’s mindless and wicked era. I therefore invite others to do the same.

May it please you to note that for you to succeed, none of those that worked for Obiano should be appointed in any capacity. They are all part of Obiano’s failure.

Together with Soludo, let us start the re-building of our dear state.

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