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Murder of Prof Felix Akpan: a rebuttal

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The family of Prof Felix Akpan has taken note of some infernal publications on social media drawing unfounded and diabolical inferences on the immediate and remote causes of the death of our son.

The family would like mischief makers and rumour mills to allow it to grieve. However, due to the anxiety shown by students, relatives and friends of the Akpan family, agitated by these tales, the Akpan family has been compelled to issue this formal rebuttal.

Professor Felix didn’t take part in managing the Feb 25 presidential elections. He was neither a permanent nor ad-hoc staff of INEC. Felix Akpan was a devoted academic. He had no interest in, and no time for, party politics. The rumours that suggest that he played any role for the INEC in the just concluded presidential elections are untrue and patently fictitious.

On 25 Feb 2023, Professor Felix was in his home supervising post-graduate projects. Felix Akpan was a man of moral rectitude and unimpeachable honour, who lived as a true Akpan. This puerile attempt to associate the name of Felix and the Akpan clan with rigging is the height of unscrupulousness. The family hopes it isn’t a ploy orchestrated by the murderers to cover their tracks.

Felix was murdered in his home in Calabar on Sunday morning. The family is helping the police to make sure the killers are found. Perhaps it’s pertinent to state those six years before he was murdered, Felix had suffered a stroke whose burden he bore with grace. Nevertheless, the limitations imposed on him by the stroke denied him the joy of classroom teaching and much more. Felix Akpan was, therefore, not physically fit for any INEC role, and he didn’t take up any in the 2023 elections.

Police investigations are underway. The family wishes to use this opportunity to solicit the help of the public in the resolution of this murder. If any member of the public has any helpful information that can aid the police find the killer(s) of Felix, he should kindly contact the police.

Our God lives.



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