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Much ado about creation of 6th state in South East~ by Harry Fanon

Concerning creation of the 6th state in the South East: the Harry Fanon's thesis


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Ikenga Ugochinyere or Sen. Osita Izunaso is the new Walter Ofornagoro who, in cohort with the then military, created more local governments for Orlu at the disadvantage of Okigwe and Owerri zones.

With Walter Ofornagoro’s magic, Ohaji, Egbema, and Oguta were moved from the Owerri zone to Orlu zone. Again, some parts of Okigwe were ceded to Orlu in careful contemplation of the creation of Orlu state as seen today. This ugly situation demands redress.

Nwangele and Nkwerre should be reinstated or returned to their original origins in Okigwe; a reversion to status quo ante Ofornagoro.

Harry Fanon
The author, Barr. Harry Fanon

Some Ideato South communities around the Okigwe zone axis should be ceded to Okigwe, too.

Orlu zone as a replica of the Hausa-Fulani North and political superstructure- construct should be reviewed.

The Charter of Equity should be struck now at the very beginning to stop Orlu dominance in the new anticipated state.

However, the above may be and given the inelegant manner the creation of state was couched in the 1999 Constitution (as Amended), it is *practically impossible* for a democratic government, nay the National Assembly to create any new state in Nigeria.

As a jurisprudence attorney, it is my opinion that the creation of any state as murmured will be an exercise in futility if the sections on the creation of state in the Constitution are not first rewritten in good logical and coherent English.

From the 1999 Constitution (as Amended), the interpretations on the creation of state are riddled with logical fallacies, which evidenced the ineptitude of the drafters herein the military-For instance, from the 1999 Constitution, it is the area and communities’ agitation for creation of state that conduct plebiscite in deciding whether they want the state creation and or belong to the proposed state.

In conclusion, the confusion persists between Senator Izunaso and Ikenga Ugochinyere, who is the sponsor of the Bill for the creation of Orlu state. Either of the two appears not to have consulted the communities included in the new LGAs for the proposed state.

British-Africanist historian, Stephen Ellis, & “This Present Darkness — A History of Nigerian Organised Crime”

Every conscious or awaken Nigerian that wants to know about the chronology and endemic corrupt practices in the high places in Nigeria should have a copy of this Stephen Ellis’ book in the family house, let alone reading the book.

I said this because the present hunger in the country is not a recipe for reading.

I will also recommend the book by Dame, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on the subject matter of corruption.

My concern has been: What is the elixir to corruption in Nigeria? The Nigerian conditions are a recipe or a cocktail for anarchy/ revolution.

We Nigerians are too scared to confront the system, which is holding the rest of us in hostage making it a near impossibility to breathe.

Postscript: Stephen Ellis wrote a similar masterpiece on the Liberian condition, The mask of anarchy…

Harry Fanon is a philosopher and a jurisprudence attorney writing from his Ahiazu Cave.

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