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Morocco becomes Africa’s largest car exporter


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Morocco has recently ascended to the pinnacle of automotive exportation within the African continent, establishing itself as the largest car exporter.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the country’s robust industrial strategies and its commitment to fostering a thriving automotive sector.

The government’s proactive approach in creating an attractive business environment, coupled with significant investments in infrastructure and workforce development, has catalyzed this growth.

As a result, Morocco now stands as a beacon of industrial success, not only within Africa but also on the global stage, demonstrating the potential for economic transformation through targeted sectoral development.

Morocco’s emergence as Africa’s premier car exporter is underscored by impressive figures. In the past year, the nation’s car exports surged by 20%, a clear indicator of its growing dominance in the automotive industry.

The government’s strategic focus on automotive manufacturing has resulted in attracting major global car manufacturers, with significant investments amounting to billions of dollars.

This economic pivot has not only bolstered Morocco’s export capacity but also created over 100,000 direct jobs, contributing substantially to the nation’s GDP and marking a pivotal shift in its industrial landscape.

Morocco becomes Africa’s green energy car export

Morocco’s ascent as a green energy champion in Africa is underscored by impressive statistics.

The country aims to export 1 million eco-friendly cars annually by 2025, leveraging its renewable energy capacity which currently stands at 42% of its total power generation.

This figure is projected to reach 52% by 2030, with solar and wind energy contributing significantly to this growth.

The automotive sector in Morocco has seen a 20% increase in jobs year over year, with the green energy industry attracting over $5.6 billion in foreign investment.

These investments have led to the development of several high-tech manufacturing plants, which are projected to reduce carbon emissions by 32% within the next decade, aligning with Morocco’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.

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