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Mohbad cryptic message to his fans after his death


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There is this post on twitter talking about Mohbad cryptic message to his fans after his death.

The late Nigerian singer Mohbad’s body has now been exhumed as investigations into his death progress.

News.Band has reported that after Mohbad’s death on September 12, 2023, he was hurriedly buried the next day in a ‘rough’ location.

The post began like this, “MOHBAD: Decypher: ” He went to heaven “The deep message Mohbad passed in this music video ” Weekend “. Let’s dive into it…

First, he woke up alone in the middle of nowhere with his heart in his hand still breathing.

His heart was cut out of his body. He woke up and started reminiscing on how he was partying with his friends, colleagues some even look like his former label friends.

There was money, Girls, drinks. They then gave him “Weed ” “Drugs ” to take.

He refused and said no.

To show he doesn’t take drugs, he then appeared in a mirror with a bad-boy look. Mohbad grabs a stick and breaks the mirror with the image in it… Signifying he was parting ways with his old self… After parting ways with his old self.

He was then sleeping on his bed and some guys burst into his room and started beating him up “It flashes back to his heart being ripped out, lonely and sad ” then a silhouette of him in white shows up ” Like an angel ” with just one single woman dancing in front of him ” in black… Which he then disappeared in white Outfit like an angle..” at the end of this video ” He signifies himself being dead and went to heaven.

All from the beaten he took, and the bullying by his friends that they were partying together… He was heartbroken, lonely and sad… But he found peace at the end. He went to heaven with a white outfit, not a black one… Man, he’s at peace in heaven and he then drop his heart “still breathing ” and left …”signifying his Son and his with Nigerians in spirit”


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