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Meta to start labeling AI-generated content in May


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Meta on Friday said it will be updating its AI-generated content policy and will add a “Made with AI” label beginning in May, the company announced.

The policy will apply to content on Instagram, Facebook, and Threads.

It also revealed that it would no longer remove manipulated images and audio that don’t otherwise break its rules, relying instead on labelling and contextualisation, not to infringe on freedom of speech.

While acknowledging that its current policy is “too narrow,” Meta said it will start labeling more video, audio, and image content as being AI-generated.

Labels will be applied either when users disclose the use of AI tools or when Meta detects “industry standard AI image indicators,” though the company didn’t provide more detail about its detection system.

The changes are informed by recommendations and feedback from Meta’s Oversight Board and update the manipulated media policy created in 2020.

The board in February requested that Meta urgently overhaul its approach to manipulated media given the huge advances in AI and the ease of manipulating media into highly convincing deepfakes.

The board’s advice came amid fears of rampant misuse of AI-powered applications for disinformation on platforms in a pivotal election year not only in the United States but worldwide, AFP reported.

The old policy prohibits videos created or edited using AI tools that make a person say something they didn’t but doesn’t cover the wide range of AI-generated content that has recently flooded the web.

“In the last four years, and particularly in the last year, people have developed other kinds of realistic AI-generated content like audio and photos, and this technology is quickly evolving,” Meta wrote in a blog post.

“As the Board noted, it’s equally important to address manipulation that shows a person doing something they didn’t do.”

The tech giant is also changing how it moderates AI-generated material. Beginning in July, it will stop removing AI-generated material that doesn’t go against other community guidelines.

This, too, came from the Oversight Board, which recommended adding more context rather than restricting the content.

Material that violates other rules, like policies around bullying, voter interference, and harassment, will still be removed regardless of whether it was created using AI tools.

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