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Mastercard expands data platform to Nigeria, others


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Mastercard has extended  its new interactive business intelligence platform Mastercard Market Trends to Nigeria, the rest of Africa, and the Middle East.

The Company in a statement said the new platform provides a comprehensive view of payments insights, competitive intelligence and industry trends for banks and financial institutions across the world and will now be available in the Middle East and Africa.

The President, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mastercard, Dimitrios Dosis, was quoted as saying, “Access to relevant insights, data, and analytics to inform smart decisions is critical to business success.

“Mastercard Market Trends offers a one-stop shop for financial institutions to access key information, which will allow for better decision-making and results. The platform brings together the latest market, industry and consumer insights, enabling financial institutions to really understand their customers and confidently embrace the constant evolution in how people shop and pay.”

The company added that the platform would enable a comparison of over 300 cards from five key markets, access to market reports, analysis of global and regional leading fintechs and thought leadership on key payment industry and technology trends, such as Open Banking and Blockchain in Africa and the Middle East.

It said that MMT would afford access to easy-to-access reports providing insights into socio-economic, payment and digital KPI data curated at local level by Mastercard teams with five key MEA markets (Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates); card comparison of more than 6,000 cards from 62 countries across the world, amongst other things.

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