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Married woman’s boyfriend stabs her husband to death


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The police in Adamawa State have arrested a 35-year-old man identified as Ishaya Markus for allegedly stabbing a man to death during a quarrel in a community in Fufore LGA on March 3.

The deceased, Franchise Albert and his 20-year-old wife, Libiyatu, had been having family issues since 2022 after she began having an extramarital affair with the suspect.

The deceased was said to have warned both his wife and the suspect who resides at Luggure Gajere in Fufore LGA, but they refused to heed his warning.

“My husband had warned us when he got wind of what we were doing. My husband and I fought over the issue as a result of which I left for my parents’ house.

“Ishaya followed me and took me into the bush and had an affair after the warning. He slept with me 5 times”, Libiyatu told the police after she was arrested.

The culprit was said to have kept committing adultery with the victim’s wife while assuring her that her husband would not get to know what they were doing.

“We later resolved our family issues with my husband and asked me to return to my matrimonial home. I even promised not to have an extramarital affair with the man again.

On the day of the incident, Ishaya came to take me out again, but couldn’t meet me at home at that time”, Libiyatu further narrated.

When interrogated, the suspect admitted having an affair with the wife of the late Franchise, as well as stabbing the deceased to death.

“On that fateful day, I went to the community where the deceased and his wife lived, so as to take her out again even after the warning, but I did not meet her. While I was returning back home, I met with the deceased and he asked me whether I went to see his wife again. A fight ensued in the course of the argument. He pulled out his knife and I also pulled out my own and we engaged in a bloody fight. He cut me on my hand and by the neck. I used my knife and stabbed him in his stomach 2 times and by the neck leading to his death.”

The suspect pledged to take care of the wife of the deceased or pray for her to marry another man since he had murdered her husband and pleaded with the police to forgive him.

While confirming the incident, the spokesman of the police command, SP Suleiman Yahaya Ngurore, said that the Commissioner of Police, Dankombo Morris, had ordered a full-fledged investigation and assured that the suspect would be prosecuted.


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