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Married taxi driver dies on top of side chick


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A married Taxi driver named Akwasi Yeboah has lost his life while engaging in intimacy with his side chick in a guest house in Kasoa, Ghana.

Yeboah who shared two beautiful daughters with his wife, had maintained a relationship with the side chick for a while before the sad incident.

According a report on a Ghanaian TV channel, UTV, Akwasi Yeboah died inside Happy Guest House in Kasoa while he was laboring on top of his side chick.

Akwasi Yeboah was believed to have overdosed on sexual enhancement drugs before checking in the guesthouse with his side chick.

The sidechick reportedly claimed that Yeboah suddenly crashed on her and became unconscious.

He was rushed to the hospital by the guest house manager and the side chick.

Yeboah was reportedly put on oxygen for hours, but was later pronounced dead by doctors.

His wife allegedly refused to visit him at the hospital when she was contacted that her husband had collapsed on top of a woman in a guest house and was rushed to a hospital.

The wife was yet to show up at the time of UTV’s report.



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