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Looters list: Publish Names, Amount Recovered — Frank To FG

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A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, has challenged the Federal Government “to publish the names of those who have returned money and how much it has been recovered for the sake of transparency in the fight against corruption.”

Frank, who is the APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary, believe that “it will amount to keeping Nigerians in the dark if people are not made to know how much has been recovered since the current administration emerged.”

Reacting to the recent alleged list of looters released by the federal government in a statement he signed on Tuesday in Abuja, Frank said it was a good thing to make the list public but a step should be taken further by publish names and who returned what for the sake of transparency.

Recall that the Federal High Court had given a go ahead some time ago for the government to publish the names and amount recovered so far.

“While I commend the fight against corruption and the vigor of our party, we must not forget that ‘he who comes to equity, must come with clean hands.’

“For APC government to be taken serious in this war against corruption, President Muhammadu Buhari must emulate the likes of President John Magufuli of Tanzania, who started fighting corruption with members of his party and cabinet who have been indicted of corruption.

“We should not make the fight against corruption one sided, political or sentimental. Until Nigerians could see the names of some serving government officials and other APC members who have been accused of corruption in the so call looters list, it might just be an exercise for propaganda which Nigerians will never take serious.

“Let it not be that once someone join APC, his or her sins have been forgiven.

“There are many accused people in APC today who were in PDP yesterday, how come their names are not on this list?

“The list in its entirety as released by the Minister of Information and Culture, smacks clearly as an opposition party list and as such exonerates corrupt officials in the ruling party, which paints the corruption fight as purely selective.

“Several PDP Governors and stalwarts who had decamped to the ruling party, even after being accused have been left off the hook, thereby undermining the entire anti-corruption fight as evident in the public domain.

While demanding for total transparency in the whole thing, the APC chieftain urged Nigerian government to remember the promised the ruling party made during campaign in 2015.

“So until government boldly make it known to Nigerians how much has been recovered as claimed, the world might not take the fight against corruption serious.

“I believe this corruption fight must not be partisan because we are all Nigerians first before political party, therefore we must treat everybody fairly irrespective of political affiliation.”

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