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Let’s get it right on arrest of Ekweremadu & wife by British Police for organ harvest, trafficking

By Bonaventure Ezekwenna


Last week, Nigerian media were awash with news reports of arrest of former deputy Senate President of Nigeria and his wife by British police in London on organ harvest trafficking charges.

Some prominent Nigerians and politicians in very characteristic ways were falling over themselves publishing messages of support for the very prominent arrested senator and his wife. A few made supportive well-wishes comments about his sick daughter.

None of them said anything about the victim who was reported to be underage 15 years old poor boy. How about that, for balance? What does that say about Nigerian political leasders?

Proper Prayers

Here are proper prayers: May the sick gal get a genuine proper legal organ donor as soon as possible. May the health of the sick gal not deteriorate because of action of others. May the truth of the business deal between and surrounding the very prominent and powerful senator and the poor boy be established. May the truth prevail and may justice be done to all. Trust the British police to do exactly just that. No cover-up!

The Missing Main Points

In all the supportive messages, the main point is missing, and the main point is the nonexistence of good medical facilities in Nigeria where sick people will receive proper and adequate medical treatments. Had Nigerian governments (federal, state, and local) provided good healthcare facilities all over or anywhere in the whole of Nigeria, will a seating 4 times Nigerian senator, former deputy Senate President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, the almighty giant of Africa and his wife be traveling to England with the poor boy or young man in question for organ donor procedure?

Can political leaders of Nigeria begin to see the foolery of out-of-control corruptions, embezzlement of public funds, embezzlement of funds meant for development of infrastructures in Nigeria, and how it is unwittingly affecting EVERYONE, rich and poor.

Can Nigeria political leaders begin to see and understand that if there are state-of-the-art medical facilities all over Nigeria, and all the personnel and staffs of the facilities are well-paid and are happily working, Nigerian politicians and their families will be very comfortable to go there for all sorts of treatments, instead of going to Europe, US, Canada, India, Dubai, Australia and other developed countries in the world?

The sooner Nigerian politicians and cronies realize the foolery of out-of-control corruption and embezzlement of public funds, the better for EVERYONE.

Humbly submitted by:

Bonaventure Ezekwenna
B. A. Political Science
Herbert H. Lehman College
City University of New York, USA
Veteran US Army, human right activist, and businessman. 100% zero-partisan interest.

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