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Lady dies after friends allegedly pushed her into pot of boiling fresh pepper


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A Nigerian lady simple identified as Roseline has died due to severe burns after she was allegedly pushed into a pot of boiling grounded fresh pepper and tomatoes by her friends in Delta State.

Activist, Comrade Israel Joe, who confirmed the incident in a Facebook post on Friday, May 3, 2024, said Roseline died last Friday after two weeks of fighting for her life in a hospital in Warri.

According to Joe, before Roseline passed away, she revealed that her friends were ‘beefing’ her but she still travelled with them for a catering job in Sapele where the incident happened.

The activist is demanding justice for the deceased, vowing to bring the perpetrators to book.

“RIP, dear Rozzy. She was pushed into a big boiling pot of grinded fresh pepper and tomatoes by her friend on Saturday, 13th April. She battled for about two weeks with her roasted/boiled body and finally died last week Friday 26th April,” he wrote.

“Rozzy was buried four days ago, but we can’t just allow things to slide as though nothing happened. What an evíI friendship like those I once had.

“Nobody in the neighbourhood in Otokutu knew Roseline had been allegedly kíIIed by these same friends she was living with. She was buried with no one to bid her goodbye and with no single bųríaI poster to honour her. Just two days in the morgue, the mortuary attendants demanded she be carried away to bury.

“According to Rozzy, her friends were beefing her, but she still decided to travel with them for a catering job in Sapele where they were speaking their local language with this Yoruba girl, Rozzy, not understanding their conversation.

“All of a sudden, she landed in a very big pot of boiling fresh pepper and tomatoes where they even still delayed in rescuing her. She was later rushed to Sage Hospital, by Estate in Warri, where they managed the situation, but my friend couldn’t make it.

“What pains me is that these two girls are still walking and gallivanting everywhere like nothing happened. I hate intimidation and oppression, especially against persons who are non-indigenes.

“No report to the police, no investigations, no arrest, nothing. The law is superior, a citizen is a citizen and possesses the full right of citizenship. Keep your “indigeneship” in your pocket, the police must smoke them out so they can face the law. Na God dey help who nor get helper.

“We shall fight for Rozzy, you cannot just be kílled like a chicken and buried like an aŋímąl. Nobody deserves such a hørribIe dęąth. We never got to meet Rose, only chatting on Facebook due to endless busy schedules only to see you, at the most disgusting sight at Sage Hospital, hoping for your recovery, but dęąțĥ stole you. Justice shall prevail, including if you would be exhumed.

“#Justice4Rosy Rest on Dearest”

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