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INEC registration: How the young generation will decide winners of 2023 elections


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Based on calculations arising from the recent registration exercise carried out by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the young generation will play a decisive role in who the winners of 2023 general elections will be.

Figures emanating from the suspended Continuous Voters’ Registration (CVR) which lasted for about four months in all the thrity-six states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory show that youths will emerge the decision makers in the upcoming elections.

At the end of the exercise, INEC has revealed the number of registered voters in each states of the federation, as well as that of the FCT.

In the just concluded Continuous Voters Registration, based on age distribution, youths (18 to 34 years) lead with 8,784,677.

Middle aged (35 to 49 years) class came second with 2,430,709 registered voters, compared to the elderly (50 to 69 years), which have 956,017 registered voters.

The old ones (70 years and above) trailed far behind with just 127,541 registered voters.

Political pundits believe that based on the above calculations, the Labour Party presidential and vice presidential candidates, Mr. Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi and Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, will have the day.

Recently, the former Governor of Anambra State swept 81.4 per cent of all votes cast in a poll conducted online.

The poll was conducted by the spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, on Twitter.

Read the full details below:

THUNDERSTORM! Peter Obi sweeps 81.4% votes in online poll

According to INEC, Nigerian now has a total of 96.2 million eligible voters.

The final update on the INEC registration states as follows:

  • North West        – 22.67 million
  • South West        – 18.3 million
  • South South       – 15.2 million
  • North Central     – 14.1 million
  • North East          – 12.8 million
  • South East          – 11.49 million

Number of registered voters in each state after the CVR was suspended

At the end of the registration exercise, INEC revealed the number of registered voters in each states of the federation and also that of the FCT.

According to the report on their verified Facebook Page, twelve million, two hundred and ninety eight thousand, nine hundred and forty fours persons (12,298,944) have completed their registration.

The following is how the states rank according to their newly registered voters in all the 6 geopolitical zones:

1. Lagos State: 585,629.

2. Kano State: 569,103.

3. Delta State: 523,517.

4. Kaduna State: 479, 231.

5. Rivers State: 473, 924.

6. Bayelsa State: 444,652.

7. Ebonyi State: 401,510.

8. Oyo State: 396,220.

9. Niger State: 369,908.

10. Edo State: 365,940.

11. Kogi State: 362,879.

12. Osun State: 362,609.

13. Plateau State: 359,639.

14. Benue State: 351,946.

15. Ogun State: 345,419.

16. Katsina State: 340,510.

17. Bauchi State: 338,669.

18. Sokoto State: 330,409.

19. Kwara State: 330,401.

20. Nasarawa State: 328,254.

21. Akwa Ibom State: 327,711.

22. Cross River State: 322,351.

23. Anambra State: 313,471.

24. Taraba State: 311,155.

25. Jigawa State: 285,804.

26. Kebbi State: 270,567.

27. Abia State: 269,340.

28. Adamawa State: 261,467.

29. Borno State: 248,241.

30. Enugu State: 243,565.

31. Zamfara State: 238,649.

32. Ondo State: 225,252.

33. Gombe State: 219,124.

34. Imo State: 213,270.

35. Federal Capital Territory: 211,341.

36. Yobe State: 152,414.

37. Ekiti State: 124,844.

According to the total of each state in each geopolitical zone, there are:

  • North West       – 2,514,273
  • South South     – 2,458,095
  • North East        – 1,531,070
  • South West       – 2,039,982
  • North Central   – 2,314,368
  • South East        – 1,441,156

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