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In 2023, Nigerians took themselves into captivity of the 1999 Constitution, a forgery


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Having been deceived by the lie that “We have no other country but Nigeria”, Nigerians then take one of three options: 1) Flee abroad to escape that Nigeria; 2) Commit suicide as a means of escaping that Nigeria; 3) Suffer it as that Nigeria keeps on happening to them.

So, the fact that countries can change boundary lines and change shape like the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Sudan etc. have, seems to be ignored by many Nigerians. The reality is that a country is a political union, and like a marriage union, if it becomes incompatible and even deadly, it is wisest for the parties involved to either Renegotiate or Terminate their Union.

Nigeria was only put together in 1914, then Renegotiated for 1960, BUT the indigenous Ethnic Nations who own their ancestral lands existed for hundreds and hundreds of years before “Nigeria” ever came to be.

Those indigenous Ethnic Nations have Sovereignty over their ancestral lands which can never be taken away – unless the people are wiped out and their lands grabbed by invaders. Sovereignty can however be suppressed when the people fail to exercise that inalienable God-given authority. THAT is precisely what the indigenous peoples of Nigeria have allowed.

Thus, in 1999, when the Document referred to as the “1999 Constitution” was foisted upon Nigerians, the indigenous Ethnic Nations could actually have said that they did not want that Forgery to operate in their ancestral land. They have Sovereignty so they could have said that. Had they done so, ALL the miseries and the Fulani Conquest Agenda empowered by that 1999 Constitution would not have happened.

Indigenous Ethnic Nations have the power to say yes, and the power to say no, which comes from their having Sovereignty over their ancestral lands. Here’s an illustration for anyone who does not understand. You have bought a house, paid for it in full. As the owner, you have Sovereignty over your house. You can decide to change the colour of the walls in your bedroom, and get it done.

You can decide to add an extension, and get it done. You can decide to remodel the bathroom, and get it done. Unless you are stupid, you would not permit your maid or a visitor to take charge and make their own desires to hold sway in the house where you are the owner. However, THAT is precisely what the indigenous peoples of Nigeria have allowed.

There is more. Despite Nigerians being very careless about their authority of Sovereignty, some from among them, organised as NINAS, dared to do the right thing and chose to protect the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations.

By research and analysis, NINAS was able to establish that the 1999 Constitution a Forgery, through the false claims in its Preamble was overriding the Sovereignty, and hijacking the Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic Nations.

NINAS also saw that the provisions of that 1999 Constitution LOCKS DOWN the indigenous Ethnic Nations, through promoting and protecting official looting and corruption, through making welfare of Nigerians non-enforceable, and through creating an environment that prevents security, innovation and productivity.

This is important for people to grasp: That 1999 Constitution creates Unitary Nigeria – it creates the environment of miseries, corruption, filth, and destruction of Black life. It creates the 36 States plus FCT, the 774 Local Government Areas (LGA), the position of office holders i.e. President, Governor, Senator, LGA Chairpersons etc., the various Ministries, the bodies like INEC etc.

Thus, EVERYTHING that Nigerians hate about Nigeria flows from that 1999 Constitution. Therefore, if the indigenous Ethnic Nations using their Sovereignty say No! to the 1999 Constitution and the miseries it brings upon their ancestral lands, that is the end of that 1999 Forgery, and Nigerians would be able to Renegotiate for themselves the type of Union they want.

NINAS therefore, since the year 1999, set itself to Decommission that fraudulent 1999 Constitution using the authority of the Sovereignty of the indigenous Ethnic Nations within its Alliance. There was PRONACO, followed by challenging the legitimacy of that 1999 Constitution in Court since its Preamble falsely claims that a certain “We” agreed to the Unitary Nigeria Union and then made for themselves the 1999 Constitution.

NOTE: as the legal experts in NINAS say (and all lawyers in the world know): At Law, any document that is a Forgery on the face of it, whatever it confers in terms of benefit to anybody is immediately terminated.

There then followed several joint multi-ethnic Conventions where the 1999 Constitution was Repudiated, culminating in the Constitutional Force Majeure declared 16 December 2020 which is the enforcement stage of the Removal of that Delegitimized 1999 Forgery from the ancestral lands of the indigenous Ethnic Nations of the NINAS Territory (South and Middle Belt).

However, what did Nigerians do? Having been set free from the 1999 Constitution, that source of their miseries that had been Rejected and Repudiated, rather than go through the opened door of Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation (like South Africa did to end its Apartheid constitutional order), they went to Elections 2023 to RENEW THE LIFE of the 1999 Constitution that had already been killed off by the Constitutional Force Majeure!!!

While Freedom from the fraudulent 1999 Constitution (and thus from Unitary Nigeria) was theirs, Nigerians instead chose to walk down the road to elections 2023 and back into their captivity. [The enemies of Nigerians must be laughing!]

What should Nigerians do now? Well, Sovereignty still belongs with the indigenous Ethnic Nations so they can use that authority to correct this costly mistake they have made.

The Constitutional Force Majeure stands, and so even now Nigerians, even under whatever groups they are in such as Obidients, Revolution Now, Our Mumu Don Do, NANS (students), Labour and Trade organisations, etc. can reject the 1999 forgery (Constitution), and insist that they will not tolerate the APC-imposed State Capture they are now under, and insist that they will not tolerate the mischief of the Appeal and Supreme Courts, but instead insist that they want real Change and real Democracy, and a constitutional arrangement honestly obtained, therefore they demand Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation.

The NINAS Transitioning Template, an ORDERLY PROCESS, is on the Table.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

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