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Impeachment Smelling In Anambra State?

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Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra StateThis piece is from one of the most prominent Idenna who is suitable to represent us in Green chambers but he failed because he is in a wrong party.  He wrote and

I provide.

[Photo: Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State]

He wants to know if the Governor sent a letter to the house as provided by the constitution on such matters as narrated or exposed below.

The Governor gave members of the house brand new Ford Escape a day before he traveled and the entire house gave him another Vote of Confidence, the 7th one in less than 10 months.

Here we are:

Regarding the Deputy Governor holding brief in the absence of the Duke viz-a-viz an SA being more powerful than the Ugogbuzue, check to see if the Governor did the constitutional thing of “Transferring Power” to the Deputy in his absence?

The constitution requires that whenever Governor (also President) is going on vacation, sick leave, or going under anesthesia, surgery, etc. that he transmits a letter to that effect to the House of Assembly (NASS in the case of the President). 

In that letter he would also say that the Deputy (Vice President) is now in charge as “Acting Governor (President) until he comes back. 

The intent of the Constitution on this matter is Security. As the respective Chief Security Officer in the state or nation, there is need to know exactly who is constitutionally responsible in the event of Security breakdown. 

This is why the Deputy or Vice is always at the airport to receive the Oga when they come back. Otherwise, the Deputy or Vice will technically be “Acting Governor or President” while the Oga is in transit from the airport.

If the Deputy wanted, he could have Oga barred from anything until that handover is done. This was what was missing when Yaradua became sick. There was no such letter or his people were hiding it.

So, Jonathan could not mount the saddle until that Doctrine of Necessity. And this was why Atiku was able to order AIG Ige to release Ngige when he was kidnapped. Obasanjo was out of the country and there was a letter transferring power to Atiku.

When Igwe Mbaukwu smuggled a cell phone to Ngige, he called Atiku who asked him “Governor, did you resign?”. Your Idenna said “No sir. I did not resign”. Atiku ordered IGP to order the AIG to release the Governor immediately and to assume responsibility of safety of the Governor.

That is why Ige turned from “Arresting Officer to Protecting Officer”. Not knowing that such instruction had been given, Chris Uba could be heard saying “the AIG amaro ife ona-eme”. 

So in this case of Duke and Ugogbuzue, check to see if there is a transfer of power. If not, it is actually an impeachable offense on. 

Grounds of breach of constitution and dereliction of duty by Governor because if there is to be a security breakdown in the state in his absence confusion will be everywhere.

The CP and State Director of SSS and Army GOCs will not take instructions from the Deputy. If they do, they could lose their jobs for following “illegal” orders. 

On the other hand, Ugogbuzue is nowhere to be seen because if he comes out as you suggested and start doing Anambra Birthday celebration as Deputy, no one would follow his instructions because there is no transfer of power. And if he forces himself, the Governor would immediately have him impeached for usurping Power of the Governor.

Mazi Odera

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