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Imo guber: Senator Achonu is our only recognized candidate — LP


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The leadership of the Labour Party–LP, has reaffirmed its position that it has only one candidate, Senator Athan Achonu, in the LP, for the Imo State governorship election.

Tanko Yunusa, the presidential spokesman of Obi-Datti campaign council, during a press conference, called on all supporters of the party not to be swayed by any kind of information that suggests any other candidate outside the person of Athan Achonu.

He told the obedient not to be deceived by the offer of 4,000 jobs by people claiming to be in the interest of the Imo people.

Tanko said Senator Achonu has been cleared by the National Executive Council of the party to fly its flag.

He also said Achonu’s “nomination has since been adopted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and the courts in the land, including the Supreme Court, have given recognition to Senator Achonu’s candidacy.”

Therefore, the party does not waver in its candidate and has enjoined all electorates in Imo State to stand with the party and dismiss any other candidate paraded as the candidate of the party.

It was also said that the National Working Committee of the party has not empowered any person or group of persons to coordinate members for the election ahead of the election but tasks all members of the Obidient family to remain steadfast and focus on the candidature of Athan Achonu, as he represents the Labour Party in the November 11 gubernatorial election.

Tanko said, “The directive by our principal on who the Obedient Family and lovers of democracy, particularly in Imo State, must rally behind. The directive is very clear and unambiguous.

“The Obedient Brand is the copyright property of our principal, Peter Obi. The youth who believe in his style of leadership and politics with his messages, which have resonated with the Nigerian youth, in this case, especially with Imo youth, have now been directed to rally behind Senator Athan Achonu.

“However, we are not unmindful of attempts by some politicians to poach into the obedient family and pursue an identity theft agenda. We are also aware that some political parties are making efforts to misdirect some of our family members.

“Two other parties that are contesting the election, particularly the PDP and APC, are guilty as charged. We are aware that the intimidating activities of the Obidients all over have instilled fear in them, and the thought of confronting these followers of Peter Obi in the November 11 election has thrown spanners into their midst.

“We are also not unmindful of the huge resources being deployed by the state government as well as the 4,000 fake job promises being offered to our members to poach them.

“As laughable as these offers and promises are, the Imo youths are much more intelligent and are not gullible.

“They can’t compromise their future because of the antics of some failed politicians who have exploited Imo State and have encouraged insecurity for their selfish interests.

“A new Imo is possible again. A state where peace and security shall be the paramount priorities of the government; a state where the youth will be assured of their future; and no fake political promises will be given.

“A state where the resources of the state will be used purely for the development of the state and not for the personal use of a few.”

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