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I’m now exposed to all manner of mockery, says Akeredolu’s wife


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Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, the widow of the late former Governor of Ondo State, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has lamented that she has now been left alone to face all manner of mockery from haters following her husband’s sudden departure.

The widow, in her tribute to her late husband, stated that the death of Akeredolu would expose her to all forms of mockery from the people.

According to Betty, many people, particularly those assumed to be close to her late husband, believed that her late husband was a weakling due to the love he had for her.

In the tribute, she maintained that she was hated by the people of the state due to her tribe and the way both she and Akeredolu loved each other.

“It’s me, your adorable Betty. You just left me, just like that! It hurts badly. It hurts

“Now alone to face all manners of mockery from the so-called friends and adversaries alike.

“Not a few lashed out that you were a weakling because you loved me. Abego! Can an Amotekun generalissimo be a weakling? Mbanuu! It doesn’t add up, nau.

“Haba! By the way, do they know what love is? I don’t think so. In their homes, while growing up, they saw their mothers trampled upon as doormats. Beaten up like punchbags.

“They copied the template and treated their wives as pieces of furniture that can be easily degraded as trash.

“And in many instances, the subjugation was garnished with beatings while the community looked the other way and remained unperturbed as gender-based violence reigned supreme nationwide. In civilised climes, if you beat your wife, jail awaits you, even if you are a governor.

“They marvel that a Nigerian man can love his wife. To them, na only Oyibo man dey love. They are infuriated that a Yoruba man can love his wife, who is Igbo. How can? Igbo lasan, lasan!

“To them, na only Oyibo man dey love. Na love at first sight brought us together, biko. No, be Juju! Na, love, make me cross the Niger. That love at first sight turned out to be true and pure. And you were proud to say it. You were proud to show it. You were even prouder to tell the people of Ondo State, and beyond that, we were a team. You were audacious to tell your people that “you voted for one but got two.”

“We differed on one aspect, though. Religion. You were religious and wore your faith on your sleeves. I’m not. With no apologies. You were frustrated. Yet, we managed to work it out by harnessing our communication skills.

“You came to terms with my position on religion and respected my choice of pragmatism. And a peaceful home we built by respecting each other’s idiosyncrasies, supporting each other’s career pathways, and loving each other at the same time.

“That you were courageous and fearless is now like a radio jingle on the lips of all and sundry.”

The late governor was buried at his country home in Owo, in the Owo council area of the state.

He died in Germany on December 26, last year, and was conveyed to his hometown for his final burial.

He was 67. His corpse arrived in the state capital on Wednesday and was received by the state governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa and members of the executive council for his onward journey to his Owo country home the same day.

Eminent Nigerians, led by President Bola Tinubu, eulogised the virtues of the late Governor Akeredolu.

President Tinubu, who was represented by Vice President, Kashim Shettima, led state governors, ministers, chieftains of the ruling All Progressive Congress, top government functionaries and other important personalities to the funeral service, held at the Saint Andrews Cathedral Church in Imola, Owo, Ondo State.

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