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I’m not searching, I have boys servicing me well – Korra Obidi


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Controversial Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has said she is not searching for a boyfriend despite divorcing her ex-husband, Mr Justin Dean.

She said this while featuring on the latest episode of the ‘Heroe’s Diary’ podcast.

Obidi revealed that she has multiple men in her life who she refers to as “servicing” her, meaning they are her sex partners.

Speaking further during the podcast, Obidi said she is more focused on achieving financial independence and joked that if she were to remarry, her husband would essentially become the “wife” as she values her independence and financial stability.

Korra also spoke about the advantages of being single in the entertainment industry, highlighting the success she has experienced since her divorce.

She explained that being married can limit opportunities in the industry, as people tend to lose interest over time.

She said, “Serious Nigerian woman when I marry the man becomes my life. So now I’m trying to put that energy into making money so I don’t end up homeless like I was. I know that nobody is coming to save me in a in a knight and shining armour so I need to focus on the money.” [sic].

Obidi also frowned at the actions of those who are pinning her to her failed marriage, noting that it has been over two years since her divorce.

“I want to make a public service announcement. I’m not the only person that got married in Nigeria. In fact, my marriage was not even public. All you people saw was one post on Instagram: ‘Korra is taken.’ You people are now carrying the marriage to tie my legs. It has been two years [since my divorce], please leave me alone. I am single as a dollar bill. And I am not searching. I have many boys that service me.”

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