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Ibu’s adopted daughter breaks silence over sexual relationship allegations with comic actor


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Jasmine Chioma Okafor has made her first post since allegations were made against her about having sexual relationship with both Mr. Ibu and his son.

It would be recalled that allegations were thrown around about how Jasmine had an intimate relationship with her adopted father and also his second son, Daniel.

Mr Ibu’s wife said Jasmine and Daniel are planning to relocate abroad to live as man and wife.

Mr Ibu’s wife Stella Maris, had earlier in February made a similar allegation following a dispute with her husband. She claimed at the time that Jasmine was not a blood relative of Ibu.

She suggested that Ibu was having a sexual relationship with Jasmine and she controlled Ibu’s financial and social media accounts, shutting her, the wife out of his affairs.

Mr Ibu and his sons responded in separate videos at the time, denying the claims and insisting that Jasmine was Ibu’s “adopted daughter”.

Now that the allegations came out anew, with an audio purportedly backing up the claims, Jasmine has given an indirect response.

She posted a photo of herself feeding Mr. Ibu on the hospital bed.

She wrote: “As long as you are getting better, nothing else matters.

I remain silent until you are back to your feet again! Cheers.”

The picture of her feeding Ibu was to counter the allegation by Stella Maris that she (Stella) was the one taking care of Mr. Ibu at the hospital.

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