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I observed social distancing, avoided direct contact, wiped, sanitized, washed hands, wore mask/gloves yet diagnosed with COVID19

By Tiffanie Wagner


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Imagine social distancing since 3/3, only going out to check the mail or for a quick walk, avoiding direct contact with people, wiping everything down, washing your hands, wearing a mask + gloves…AND STILL BEING DIAGNOSED WITH COVIDー19.

It’s me. I’m that person.

I was hesitant about sharing my diagnosis for a number of reasons but last night was rough and it made me realize that there’s a severe lack of information to help us #BeatCOVID19AtHome when you’re not sick enough to be hospitalized.

So, while I have a bit of energy, I’ll share my experience to (hopefully) help someone else who might be looking for a few tips to #BeatCOVIDAtHome!

Tiffanie Wagner

Let’s start with the #1 question…

NO, I don’t know how I got COVIDー19. I haven’t had any direct contact with other humans so I’m guessing I walked through a common area in my condo building (ie. the elevator, mailroom or lobby) after someone who was infected left their germs.

YES, it does feel worse than the flu. My first symptoms were a headache, sore throat and slight cough but since I didn’t have a fever, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

By day 3 the cough was worse and my energy was completely depleted. I slept 13 hours that day. It was rough.

Since then my symptoms have included: a mild to moderate headache, dry cough, extreme fatigue, body aches, no appetite, chest tightness, dizziness and shortness of breath. I didn’t get a fever until day 6 and I lost my sense of taste for two days. Smell wasn’t an issue.

YES, secondary infections are scary. I thought I was on the mend when my fever broke for 2 days but it came back on Monday.

The shortness of breath was also worse so I had a chest x-ray and was diagnosed with Community acquired pneumonia. The fever still won’t break.

NO, testing isn’t available for “anyone who needs/wants a test”. I was diagnosed with COVID19 by 3 different doctors based on my symptoms and denied testing because I wasn’t “high-risk”.

I wasn’t approved for testing until the shortness of breathe and severe dizziness started. The test itself wasn’t terrible but the 7-10 day waiting period for results is unsettling.

Since my treatment plan was the same regardless of the results, I didn’t press the issue.

Here’s what I’m doing to manage/lessen the severity of my symptoms while trying to #BeatCOVID19AtHome:


Drink more fluids than you think you need, then drink more. Load up on Water, Gatorade, Pedialyte and tea.


I don’t know if one of these are more effective against #COVID than the others (chime in!) so I just added all of them to my daily regiment: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Elderberry, Colloidal Silver, Chlorophyll and Black Seed Oil.

3. MOVE AROUND (Indoors).

It’s hard. I know you’re tired and yes, it might feel like you’re going to pass out but if you can manage to stay awake during the day try to stand up and walk a lap around the house each hour.


I hated FaceTime and will probably hate it after this is over, but right now it’s important. Laughing with my family on FaceTime everyday HURTS bad but I can literally feel my lungs opening up when I laugh. It also helps my family manage since they can’t be here.

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