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 I entered Canada as married woman, now I’m single — Media personality, Shodipo


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Media personality, Shade Shodipo has announced that she got divorced after relocating to Canada with her husband some years back.

She disclosed this in a live session with Daddy Freeze on Instagram.

Shodipo said she did not blame Canada for the break up of her marriage, but would rather blame ‘life’, or COVID-19 for the breakup.

When Daddy Freeze queried her on what happened, she said it was ‘life’. When pressed further she said the COVID-19 lockdown took a terrible toll on her marriage.

According to her for up to six months, she and her husband did not have any intimacy, which ultimately contributed to their drifting apart.

She said upon relocation to Canada, they had to stay with her husband’s brother and his family in a three-bedroom apartment with only one toilet.

She said there was no privacy for them to have intimacy as everyone was holed up in the same apartment, unable to go to work or anywhere else, owing to the lockdown.

Daddy Freeze said they could have sneaked into the toilet to steal some moment of passion, but the Ladipo said there was only one toilet in the apartment and that such an opportunity was simply nonexistent.

According to her, all that happened in 2020 and everyone has gone their separate ways since then.

As of the time she was granting the interview she said she did not know precisely where her husband was, but she said she believed he was still in Canada.

Many found the revelation startling because Ladipo gave a positive vibe about her man and did all she could to protect him from the prying eyes of the public.

When she posted her wedding picture at Ikoyi Registry in 2018, she circulated a fun picture of herself holding the certificate. He man was not in the picture.

But much later, she felt comfortable showcasing the man she loved.

There was a particular post she did wherein she eulogised her husband for bringing sunshine into her life. She accompanied the post with a lovely picture of the two of them on a fun outing at the beach or a similar place.

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