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I Do Not Plot Against The Country – Gordhan 

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Pravin Gordhan, the sacked South African Finance Minister has denied accusations that he was plotting against the state.

He told the press at the National Treasury’s offices in Pretoria on Friday‚ that the plot accusations from President Jacob Zuma were “sickening”.

He said that he had learnt of his dismissal on television like other members of the public.

Joined by his dismissed Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas‚ Gordhan broke his silence on the intelligence report which had lead to his axing.

Zuma is said to have presented the intelligence report to the ruling African National Congress leaders and its alliance partner, the South African Communist Party, as justification for dumping Pravin and Jonas from government.

The report alleged that Gordhan planned to meet with foreign forces in an attempt to overthrow the state during their panned trip abroad this week.

“If you read this report‚ it is absolute nonsense. This is not the basis you fire a finance minister and his deputy finance minister‚” he said.

Gordhan was recalled from an international roadshow at short notice on Monday.

He said the trip was to reassure rating agencies and international investors about the stability of the country.

“We were on a very ordinary roadshow that happens every year to meet with bond investors‚” he said.

Source: APA

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