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‘I beat my wife after she enlisted herbalist to stop me from taking a new wife’ – CEO of Jarus Homes


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Wealthy Muslim and Chief Executive Officer of Jarus Homes and Travels, Sir Jarus, is trending after he admitted beating his wife into submission for resisting his move to marry a second wife.

Trouble started when Sir Jarus decided to seek a second wife after 13 years of marriage to his first wife who gave him three children.

He reportedly started flirting with a 21-year-old lady on X. Along the line his first wife’s sister got wind of it and used a burner account (another account) to expose Sir Jarus’ affair with the lady.

She called Sir Jarus a hypocrite and urged him to stop pretending like he had not picked a wedding date already, and should stop acting like a good man after beating his wife (her sister) forcing her to accept a second wife.

Sir J who already admitted that he has temper issues, immediately responded.

He admitted that he beat her out of frustration. He said he recognised that no woman would be comfortable seeing her man with another woman, so he did everything possible to appease her.

He claimed he gave her five million Naira, a piece of land worth N1.2m in her home town with a promise to build a mansion for her within three years), and another gift of N500,000 only last week.

Sir J alleged that in spite of all he did his wife took all his information to a TikTok Cele Juju Man (Mayowa Adesoga) to bewitch him from marrying the 21-year-old baddie.

He said he was able to know through an intercepted voice note message.

He also said he sent her out of her room and searched it only to find fetish objects like cowries, calabash, clay pots among other things.

Sir J then sent the wife out of the house.

On what led to his beating her, he claimed he never beat her in all their 13 years together until the issue of a second wife came up.

He said since April when he told her about his plans to marry another wife, she had started giving him trouble.

He claimed there were times, she would climb on top of him and be threatening him until his patience gave way and he had to beat her.

His revelation that he beat his wife has generated massive conversations with many condemning him and some supporting him.

Some Muslims claim it is instructed in Islam for men to beat their wives, citing some verses in the Qur’an.

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (LSDVA) has now said it was interested in the case and asked the Commissioner of Police to investigate it.

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