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How US based ‘Ashabi Shin-ko Lomo’ mother of 4 lured married Sowemimo into sham marriage

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Abosede Oluwakemi, aka Ashabi Shinko Lomo, is a US based Nigerian who has had three marriages and three children from the marriages just in the last couple of years. Kemi popularly known as Ashabi Shan-ko Lomo via her Facebook page met Samuel Olasehinde Sowemimo, a married man with 3 children in Los Angeles, California just about three years ago.

Showemimo came to the US with invitation to attend CCC Comforter Parish’s Harvest Celebration in 2014 before he decided to over stay his Visa. Ashabi Shanko Lomo who saw the vulnerability of Samuel Showemimo as an Illegal Immigrant lured him into her fourth ‘marriage’ in 2014 with the promise of helping him to regularise his stay.

Information request under the FOIA/Privacy Act as revised in April 2017 to the US Citizenship and immigration Services, Dallas field Office in 6500 Campus Circle Drive East Irving, TX 75063 to seek clarifications on Abosede Kemi’s (Ashabi Shinko Lomo) rights to effect Immigration regularisation of a man in the US under a purported Marriage is being considered on Track 2 (as advised).

However, a quick further investigation revealed that Abosede Kemi (Ashabi Shanko lomo) who came to the US through Bahamas on the invitation of one Luke Oshokoya before she moved to Los Angeles in California showed that she herself regularised her immigration status through a sham marriage to one Donte Laymar Woods after an undisclosed amount of money exchanged hands with the help of one Alhaji.

Luke Oshokoya, is married to a British Nigerian nurse who worked in Florida. He met Kemi Ashabi Shinko Lomo during one of his holiday trips to the Bahamas.

The short moment of flirting with Ashabi Shanko Lomo resulted in her first pregnancy. Just months after she delivered Bolu Oshokoya, she eloped with another man, simply known as Alhaji whom she later had 3 children for. In the course of the relationship, Alhaji who was illegal himself at the time facilitated the sham marriage with Donte Laymar Woods.

To authenticate Kemi Abosede’s marriage to the American, a request to the US’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the FOIA/Privacy Acts as revised shows that Mrs Abosede O Woods who is now aka Mrs Abosede Showemimo former Mrs Abosede Oluwakemi Oshokoya aka Ashabi Shanko lomo lived in Long Beach, North Hollywood CA 90805, Long Beach, CA 90806, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 and Van Nuys, CA 91405. With unstable addresses, Ashabi for a long time has been living on public benefits (food stamps).

Although Ashabi who is a Respiratory Therapist works as agency staff with a couple of Nursing agencies in Dallas having failed to secure permanent nursing job according to public records and information available to us. Reports say Ashabi Shanko’s public records in the US show she has a Criminal record, though we are investigating the reasons and remains unverified. Our source is working to retrieve her public records through the State of Texas’ FOIA/Privacy Act.

Notwithstanding Ashabi Shinko Lomo’s status being investigated under FOIA, a wider investigations showed that her current and purported third husband, Samuel Olasehinde Sowemimo, is an illegal immigrant and an overstayer in the US. He was allowed to live in the church premises of CCC Comforter Parish in Los Angeles California as a Sanctuary provision having overstayed his Visa.

After about one month in the church, he was evicted as he was engaging in sharp practices capable of damaging the reputation of the church and its respected status.

In addition, the shepherd of the church, Adeoye Amos who provided Sowemimo’s invitation letter and all other documents for his Visa to the US was shocked on his arrival from a mission trip to find out that Sowemimo was already dating and sleeping with married Ashabi Shanko Lomo within just 2 weeks of his arrival in America and the sexual absurdities were being committed within the church premises. 

Disappointed at Sowemimo’s lack of respect for the church and its holy environment and Ashabi Shanko Lomo’s promiscuity in the church, Amos Adeoye sanctioned their eviction from the church.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back leading to the eviction order at Comforter Parish California was that while Adeoye Amos was away on mission trip, Showemimo was stealing money from tithe and offering boxes to fund his newly found love with Ashabi Shanko Lomo who was unemployed at the time.

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