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How to relocate to UK through postgraduate study


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This report is a follow up on Studying in the UK and available Masters programs for HND Holders and Candidates with Third Class Degrees.

Note that the information provided here is best before 6th May 2022, in order to meet up with processing time.

Recall that UK has introduced the 2 year post study work permit that empowers graduate to transition easily to working and living in the United Kingdom. Also, you can apply for Visa for your family members to relocate to UK with you. Here are some factors you need to consider if you have only HND or Third Class degree:

1) You are required to have at least 3 years relevant work experience after NYSC for you to be eligible for Masters with your HND or Third Class degree.

2) Study Options: A reference letter from recent employer, Copy of NYSC and recent employment letter will be required when you are submitting your documents for admission application.

3) Visa Approval rates: From very recent statistics, the Study permit approval rate for UK is three times higher than other destinations. You are most likely to get the Study permit if you can demonstrate the required proof of funds.

4) Proof of Funds: We now have the opportunity to assist students with the Proof of funds requirement through our financial partners at a reasonable interest rates. You need to get your admission from us to use this service for either UK or Canada.

5) Access to Travel: The UK study permit will give you the opportunity to explore other countries easier than when you try to apply from your home country.

6) WAEC English is accepted for English Language proficiency.

7) A strong statement of purpose is needed for Admission and study permit consideration.

Available Universities with average yearly Tuition that accept HND or Third Class:

Roehampton University, London (13,000GBP)
Sheffield Hallam University (14,000GBP)
University of Sunderland (13,000GBP)
London Metropolitan University (14,000GBP)
Cardiff Metropolitan University (14,500GBP)

In picking a course, it is important that the course is relevant to your recent work experience to be admitted with HND or Third Class.

The following Courses are Available in this category, candidates with higher grade qualifications can of course, apply:

Management and Finance:

Banking Finance and Risk Management, Global Business Management, Global Human Resource Management, Global Marketing, Global Finance Management, MBA- Human Resource Management, MBA-Enterprise and Innovation, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Project Management, Real Estate Development and Investment, Supply Chain Management, International Business, International Events Management, International Tourism and Hospitality, Airline and Airport Corporate Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability,


Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, Mathematics, Analytical Chemistry, Cancer Biology, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Pharmacology and Biotechnology, molecular Microbiology, Environmental Management, Geographical Information Systems, Criminology, Blood Science, Medical Genomics, Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition, Human Nutrition.


Mechanical Engineering, Engineering and Management, Sports Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Automation and Control Robotics, Logistics and Supply Chain management.


Cryptography, Animation, Digital Media Management. Film making, Computing and Informatics, Advanced Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Big Data Analytics, Data Analytics with Banking and Finance, Healthcare Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology Management, Robotics.

Healthcare, Social Work, Humanities:

Health and Social Care Management Policy, Addiction and Mental Health, Cancer Pharmacology, Applied Cognitive Neuroscience, Public Health, Occupational and Business Psychology, Education Leadership and Management, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Social Work, Human Rights Policy and Practice, Environmental Humanities, Practical Philosophy, Clinical Neuroscience, Clinical Nutrition, Inclusive Education-Disability, International Relations, LLM Human Rights and Legal Practice, Sports and Exercise Psychology, Psychology Conversion, Early Childhood Studies, Media Law, Maritime Law, Woman and Child Abuse, Employment Law and Practice, Financial Services Law and Compliance,


Fine Art, Furniture Design, Textile Design, Interior Design, Conference Interpreting, Audiovisual Translation, Visual Communication Illustrations, Safeguarding and Security, Documentary Film Production, Fashion Marketing and Management, Jewellery and Silversmithing, Organized Crime and Global Security, Cultural Heritage and Leisure Management, Public Health and Performance


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