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Hon. Musa Azare: Championing transformation and unity in Katagum LGA — By Usman Abdullahi


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A renowned scholar, Thomas Paine, once said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” This statement is perfectly suited to the relentless efforts of Honorable Musa Azare, the caretaker chairman of Katagum Local Government Area (LGA) in Bauchi State. Hon. Azare’s leadership is marked by extraordinary impacts, demonstrating his dedication to transforming lives and communities through selfless service. His name is etched in the hearts of many for his commitment to the welfare of his people, making him a standout leader in Bauchi State.

Hon. Musa Azare’s journey into public service is a testament to his dedication to positive development in Katagum LGA. Despite opposition and challenges, he remains undeterred in his mission to bring about meaningful change. Born and educated in Bauchi State, Hon. Musa attended several institutions, acquiring extensive knowledge, technical skills, and practical experience. His background laid a solid foundation for his leadership, allowing him to address the diverse needs of his community effectively.

As the caretaker chairman of Katagum LGA, Hon. Azare has initiated and completed numerous projects, significantly improving the lives of his people. His contributions to the local government are vast and varied, ranging from the provision of healthcare facilities, launching cervical cancer vaccination where his daughter Halima was the first vaccinated in Katagum LGA. A donation of N500,000 to Azare General Hospital, in the Hospitals Revolving Fund (HRF) which had reached N4m according to the Secretary of the hospital.

Renovation of classrooms, distribution of free uniforms to hundreds of primary school pupils of Central Primary School, Azare. Construction of a feeder road at Azare Main Market, which was previously flooded with water every rainy season. The market was nearly dead due to that problem of inaccessibility, especially during the raining period. Construction of 4.5kms Dagaro-Zindi road in Chinade District of the local government.

Drilling of new boreholes and water projects in Madangala, under Azare District of Katagum. Renovation of several damaged hand pump boreholes in Madara District. These projects, executed with high standards, ensure lasting benefits for the communities, proof of his judicious utilization of funds and commitment to sustainable development. Hon. Musa Azare is widely recognized for his exceptional leadership qualities.

He is a visionary leader, known for his strategic planning and effective implementation of policies that address the core needs of his local government. The Police Divisional Officer (DPO) in Katagum LGA received torchlights, sticks, and whistles for distribution to various security and quasi-security organizations to boost night patrol in the entire Katagum local government area. His ability to mobilize resources was key in equitable and transparent distribution of the FG/State Government assisted palliative to cushion the effect of the petroleum subsidy removal.

The refurbishing of local government buses to ease transportation of people, construction of the palace of the District Head of Chinade in collaboration with the Bauchi State Government. Honorable Musa garnered supports from various stakeholders has been instrumental in driving the development agenda of Katagum LGA. Beyond his administrative acumen, Musa is a humanitarian at heart. His philanthropic efforts extend to all corners of the LGA; he donated 4,000 different varieties of trees to the JIBWIS campaign against environmental degradation. Providing financial assistance, food supplies, and essential services to the less privileged.

He has a particular focus on empowering vulnerable groups, including women, youth, and the elderly through skill acquisition programs and microfinance initiatives, enabling them to become self-reliant and contribute positively to the community. His love for his people is evident in his inclusive approach to governance. He embraces individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their religious, tribal, or regional backgrounds.

The open-door policy of Honorable Musa Azare ensures that every voice is heard, and every concern is addressed. This approach has fostered a sense of unity and belonging among the residents of Katagum LGA. A key aspect of his leadership is his prudent management of public funds. Unlike some leaders who divert resources for personal gain, Hon. Azare ensures that every Naira is spent transparently and efficiently. His focus on accountability and integrity has led to the successful completion of several high-standard projects that stand the test of time.

This judicious use of funds has earned him the trust and respect of his constituents, solidifying his reputation as a leader who truly serves the people. Recognizing the vital role of education in societal transformation, he has prioritized educational development in Katagum and environs. He has spearheaded initiatives to renovate dilapidated schools, provide learning materials, and offer scholarships to deserving students. Hon. Azare’s commitment to healthcare is evident through his efforts to enhance medical facilities and services within the local government. He has facilitated the construction and renovation of health centers, ensuring they are well-equipped to serve the community’s needs.

Additionally, his social welfare programs provide critical support to vulnerable populations, including women, children, and the elderly, promoting a healthier and more equitable society. Hon. Musa’s relentless dedication has not gone unnoticed. He is often described as a leader who selflessly prioritizes his people’s needs, sacrificing his comfort for their well-being. A constant smile and open-handed generosity have won over even his harshest critics, earning him respect and admiration. He stands as a beacon of hope and an exemplary leader, not just in Bauchi State, but across Nigeria.

Katagum Local government under the leadership of Hon. Azare was honored with the award for Best Local Government in Documentation by New Incentives; All Babies Are Equal Initiative (NI-AVAE). This recognition was due to the LGA’s outstanding performance in data documentation, accurate registration of children under one year, reduction of zero-dose cases, effective data recording, and consistent cash payments to caregivers. The award included a financial incentive of One Hundred and fifty Thousand Naira, highlighting the exceptional dedication and commitment of the Director of Katagum LG Primary Healthcare Department, Malam Jibril Muhammad Inuwa, and his entire staff. Thereby Hon. Azare’s strategic vision and support have been essential in achieving this milestone, reflecting his unflinching commitment to improving healthcare and routine immunization in various communities.

His dedication to youth empowerment is further exemplified by vocational training programs designed to equip young people with marketable skills, ensuring they have the tools to build prosperous futures. He embodies the true essence of transformative leadership. His dedication to the advancement of his community, combined with his humanitarian efforts and prudent financial management, has made a lasting impact on Katagum LGA. His enduring legacy will continue to inspire future generations, guiding them towards a brighter and more prosperous future. He is well-bred and had sufficiently sipped from the fountain of life to give back to society with interest. What more would one ask for?

Usman Abdullahi Koli,

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