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Healthcare in Nigeria: The Need for Competent and Committed Leadership

By Chukwudịmma Aaron-Okonkwọ


The neglect on the health sector is one of the contributing factors to why the people are suffering in Nigeria. Successive Nigerian leaderships, mainly at the federal level, hardly take serious interest in the nation’s health sector, and it is quite worrisome.

Our machineries of government do fail to understand that this very sector has key roles to play towards the progress of our national development, and must therefore be given top priority considerations, not only in the amount of budgetary allocations, but also in the overall interest and demands of the medical personnel.

The health sector is the life wire of other sectors of our national economy. And the citizens, irrespective of tribe and religion, have absolute right to good health care systems. This is because good healthcare system gives way to a sustained growth and productivity on the path of national progression.

The author, Chukwudinma Aaron-Okonkwo
The author, Chukwudinma Aaron-Okonkwo


The Labour Party, LP Presidential Candidate for the 2023 general elections, HE Mr Peter Obi and his running mate, Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed are reputed to recognize the undeniable facts that good health is an essential ingredient for the stability of our country as it do have severe social and economic implications on the people in particular and the society in general.

Hence, while reigning as the governor of his home state, HE Obi tried the much he could to offer reposition to every health facility in Anambra. He took top priority in developing the health sector to the extent that the outer world beamed their searchlight to his painstaking efforts of ensuring better health and well-being of the citizenry.

The recognition of his huge efforts towards ensuring eradication of poverty vis-a-vis achieving sustainable developments was cemented with an award of one million dollar bill from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Today, a cross section of our medical practitioners under the auspices of DoctorsForPeterObi are among the many group of supporters that are rooting for an overwhelming success of Obi-Datti candidacy in the February 25th, 2023 polls.

They are doing so because they recognized this sacrosanct fact that the LP presidential flag bearer used the one million dollar grant from Bill and Melinda Gates, adding his own matching funds to it, to build 10 health care centres in 10 remotest parts of Anambra State.

Our health care specialists who have often decried the annual meagre budgetary allocations to their sector recognized that the former senator of Kaduna North and Vice Presidential Candidate of LP used constituency funds to cater for the health and general well-being of his constituents.

Therefore, Obi-Datti is firmly trusted as the most competent and capable leaders we need to elect in the upcoming election for the restoration of our lost pride in the health care.

To be very sincere, the former governor and LP presidential flag bearer whose administration rebuilt, repositioned and fully equipped hospitals and health facilities across his dear home state in the drives to meet the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs of the United Nations will utilize this enviably positive experience and competence of leadership acumen towards reshaping, repositioning and fully equipping the ever neglected health sector.

With the vision and focus derived from the current Sustainable Development Goals of the same United Nations, HE Mr Obi’s administration will work with developing countries and development partners to help strengthen our health care system so as to ensure that critical services, medicines, and interventions reached the most vulnerable families and the remotest communities across all states of the federation.

Believe me, Obi-Datti administration will give a huge face-lift to this vital sector. Yes, under their watch, the existing health facilities that have always been an eyesore will be restored to the status of a world class. The brain drain that has hit hard on this very sector is going to become a thing of the past with the administration of Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed in Aso Rock. Yes, it’s PO-ssible and DATTI’s the truth we must accept!


Aaron-Okonkwo writes for PO Express Media, POEM.


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