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Has NATO betrayed Ukraine and spiked the crisis?


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Ukrainians and some international observers of the crisis have blamed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) of betraying Ukraine thereby spiking the crisis.

One such observer noted that the west are currently so desperate and behaving cowardly and resorting to propaganda using their wide media arsenal instead of rising up for Ukraine.

On his part, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has criticised Western nations for not coming to Ukraine’s aid, saying his country has been left alone to fight the invading Russian forces alone.

“Who is ready to fight alongside us? I don’t see anyone,” said President Zelensky.

Another Ukrainian analyst noted that his country begged the world for aerial cover but it never came.

They got only promises which were never fulfilled, he lamented.

Another international commentator noted that NATO could be said to betray even the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and caused the Ukraine crisis.

He said: “In 1990, NATO promised to never enter Russia’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. Since then, the alliance has expanded to include 14 European Nations, including Russia’s neighbours.”

Going down memory lane, he recounted how, so many years ago, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries in Eastern Europe were all “siblings” under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), with Russia playing the big brother.

Following the sudden demise of USSR on December 26, 1991, various “properties” like Armour cars, drones, nuclear weapons, biological weapons, etc. was shared between all the former Union members with Russia receiving the largest chunk of them all.

As years roll by, Russia became ambitious with its nuclear arms development and grew so massive that it was rated as the second most powerful country in the world.

The bigger problem, as observed by pundits is that other Russian neighbours, except Belarus, are not in love with Russia, say she is a bully and so are going outside their zone to romance with other countries like USA, France, UK, etc.

He said: “Not happy with this development, Russia in fact sought to bring the old bedfellows together again in other to preserve their previous legacy. It failed.

“Russia then resorted to raising its population and training more soldiers and eventually becoming not only one of the largest countries in the world, but also has one of the most powerful military power in the world.

“According to global firepower rankings, Russia is number 2.”

“I recall when I was in Russia in the year 2000 when Putin was sworn in as the President of Russia. He immediately embarked on raising the population of the country and its Army as well.

“He started paying women to have kids and assisted in training them through various governmental interventions. I immediately pointed out that Putin is preparing for something sinister in the future.

“Now, you might not understand how powerful Russia is when compare to Ukraine until you know; for every Ukrainian soldier, there is approximately five Russian military man!

“Ukraine thinks this is scary stuff because even though, they don’t want to go back to the Union, Russia has the power to force them back home.

“Because of this fear, Ukraine wants to join NATO, a military organisation that comprises many countries, with the USA as their most powerful member.

“With their “Injury to one, injury to all” motto, if one country is in trouble, other member countries will rally together to help them out.

“But Russia doesn’t want to have any of that. If Ukraine joins NATO, it means countries like USA, an arch-rival of Russia can bring their weapons and spying equipment to Ukraine and peep at Russia.

“Think about it, if the United States will never agree for Russia to come close to Cuba, why will they want to try their luck in Ukraine?

“I recall when Russia went into a pact with Fidel Castro and mounted an arsenal in Cuba. Then US President, Ronald Reagan responded with 24-hour ultimatum after which he will invade Cuba unless Russia dismantles its arsenal.

“Now the table has turned and to prevent this from happening and to show how serious they are about it, Putin started bringing together thousands of army people around the Ukraine border.

“They wanted to enter the country “codedly” until Ukraine found out on time and shouted to other countries to come to their aid.

“Other countries stood up immediately because they know what Russia can do.

“Some countries sent weapons to Ukraine to help them while some sent military advisers, hoping that Russia will see the effort and turn back, but unfortunately Russia’s heart is hardened as the iced that dots Moscow environs.”

Eventually, Russia still invaded Ukraine and declared military operations but before now they recognised two rebel regions in Ukraine as independent republics.

The two regions have been fighting the Ukrainian government for years for independence.

Russian recognition of this region means they can officially go in other to protect this region militarily and that is exactly what Russia is doing right now.

An analyst believes that the easy way to quickly end this issue is for Ukraine to show willingness never to enter NATO.

He bemoaned the ugly part of the matter, noting that Russia is currently the President of the United Nations Security Council so UN cannot do anything right now.

“Any agreement UNSC will make this month can and will be vetoed by Russia,” he noted.

“This is a lesson to everyone,” he added, “learn to choose an ally that would openly declare themselves. There is no use for cowards as friends.

“Just like chess, Zelenskyy will not be harmed, just captured or forced to resign or made to face a judicial panel and be convicted in disgrace.

“But in war, Russia is not as callous as America. Killing a leader of a state often results to a civil war.

“America did nonsense to Libya, no one is making them accountable. The west have double standards. A NATO member invaded Greece, no sanctions, just words. Turkey practically annexed Cyprus.”

Presently, the world is watching to see how the Russia/Ukraine drama plays out and how and if Putin will be held accountable.

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