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Hanging A Bereaved, Loving Father: Why The Law Must Take It’s Cause!


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Oluwaseun Justin Olomo together with his wife Elizabeth Olomo and their two kids woke up June 3, 2019, said their morning prayers, ate, dressed up and went to their respective work places after dropping off the kids at school. Little did Oluwaseun know that would be the last time he would see his lovely wife of 7 years. The full of life Lizzy became lifeless by the time it was evening as a result of a very unfortunate ghastly motorcycle accident.

Fate is cruel – Oluwaseun lost his heartthrob, his partner and best friend to the cold hands of death. Death where is thy sting?

As if that wasn’t enough, a train of tribulations was to come after that and of course from a familiar face, his mother in law and the grandmother of his beautiful children!

Oluwaseun Justin Olomo is a law abiding and honest citizen domiciled in Lagos, the economic nerve centre of Nigeria who plies his living as an Uber driver.

He is a graduate of applied geophysics and a staunch Roman-Catholic who is a family man to the core. Being an African man steeped in conservatism, he got married to Elizabeth Oluwamodupe Olomo nee Iluyomade now deceased on the 27th of December 2012 and the marriage was blessed with two children – a boy, Fiyinfoluwa and a girl, Folakemi who are five and two years old respectively. Sadly, his darling wife passed on in painful circumstances when she had a ghastly motorcycle accident in Ikeja along last year June 3rd as said earlier on and he has been a grieving widower ever since saddled with the onerous responsibility of raising two small kids alongside his extremely challenging job.

His mother-in-law who is also the namesake of his late wife wanted the custody of the two small kids by all means despite their not having lived with her during her daughter’s lifetime.

When she couldn’t get them through peaceful means, she resorted to a smear campaign of calumny greatly tarnishing her son-in-law’s wonderful image to achieving her sinister aim.

Initially, she got the custody of her grand children under the pretext of her wanting them to be around her to cushion the effect of the loss of her daughter. After the mourning period, she bluntly refused to hand them over to her equally bereaved son-in-law. So obstinate was she that her grand kids missed their promotional examinations because of her obduracy. She attacked him after he went to her house to pick them up fourty-one days after the burial accusing him of murdering her daughter.

Olomo being a law abiding citizen reported the case to the Ago-Palace Police Station but his mother-in-law refused to honour the invitation for reasons best known to her.

Mrs. Iluyomade then went to popular online portals, The Sun and Sahara Reporters to maliciously state that her son-in-law had carnal knowledge of both of his children and that the incestuous relationships made him unfit to keep them in his custody.

A lot of lies, blatant falsehood were planted in many Online News Media which sought to vilify, defame the person of Oluwaseun Olomo with the sole aim of making him appear unfit to take custody of his kids.

Notable among them were stories on Sahara Reporters and The Sun Newspapers with the narrative that Mr Oluwaseun is a paedophile and child abuser.

Notable among the links are SaharaReporters, SunNewsOnline and Wotzup.

He has been through physical and emotional trauma as a result of the media trial his mother in law who happens to be the grandmother of his kids has subjected* him to.

He believes in the rule of law and wants his innocence proved legally but his mother in law is having none of that! She has deployed all in her arsenal to tarnish his reputation in the eyes of the public so as to score a very vital point in having custody of the children.

He then later appealed to the AIG Zone 2 who advised them to settle it since it was a civil matter. It is pertinent to note that she didn’t mention that he defiled them to the AIG. It is note worthy that the kids had been in her custody at this time for over six weeks.

One wonders why she had to go as far as the new media in smearing her son-in-law’s good name simply because she wanted custody of her grand kids when she could have come to a compromise with her understanding in-law who has had a long standing history of being a considerate gentleman.

Her bid for the custody of her grand kids came to the office of the public defender and she didn’t mention the issue of defilement to the good office.

Mrs. Iluyomade’s claim of her grand kids being raped were rebuffed by her grand kids who are always happy to see their father and denied the heinous alleged crime. She also vehemently refused to go to the neutral hospital to ascertain whether her grand kids were actually raped or not. How cowardly!

It is tragic that a grandmother who is supposed to be a role model to young mothers can be so childish in her bid to extend her clannish claws to be possessive of her grand children. What example will she even impact on these impressionable minds? What will she teach these minors who learn faster by example? Don’t they stand the risk of their minds being poisoned against their father for no just cause simply because she will be interested in transferring her war of attrition on him?

In a sane society, Olomo would have sued his mother-in-law for gargantuan monetary damages for a defamation of character but the peace loving Nigerian is only interested in the custody of his children and not in the bankruptcy of his mother-in-law. This heroic act should be commended rather than his wonderful character being further denigrated with him being sent to the cleaners. He is a role model and has a large heart made of gold which is huge enough to accommodate the excesses of his mother-in-law who may fail a psychiatric test in a sane country as she is showing grave signs of bipolar affective disorder.

We implore the public to disregard the earlier post made popular by the online news media most notably Sun Newspapers and Sahara Reporters as there is no iota of truth in it.

For the umpteenth time we repeat that Mr. Oluwaseun Justin Olomo is a law abiding citizen who is sadly being maliciously portrayed as a child offender in order to deny him the joy of the unfettered access to the fruits of his loins by his irrational mother-in-law.

We thank the Almighty God that at last he has the custody of his two lovely children but it is necessary that his good name is cleared and restored as the restitution is very important. And this is why the mother in law, the news outlets who reported the damaging stories must be made to face the full brunt of the law!

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