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Former Political Opponents in Udenu Constituency Reunite in Historic Show of brotherly Love and Unity

...share ideas on how best to move their constituency forward


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In a momentous display of camaraderie and unity, former Member of Enugu State House of Assembly for Udenu Constituency, Hon. Obinna Ijere, and his erstwhile opponent, Hon. Solomon Izuchukwu Onah, met and reunited on Sunday, 18 February 2024. The meeting marked a significant milestone as the two politicians, who were opponents in the March 18, 2023 State House of Assembly election, showcased the power of brotherly love that transcends the realm of politics.

Hon. Ijere and Hon. Onah, both being sons of Obollo Dedu, put aside their political differences to demonstrate the strength of unity and togetherness in the face of varying political leanings. The meeting was a momentous occasion that underlines the commitment of these leaders to prioritize the interests of their constituents above personal ambitions.

The visit held a deeper significance as it occurred against the backdrop of a contentious electoral dispute. Hon. Ijere lost his position in the State House of Assembly as a result of a judgment by an appeal court sitting in Lagos, which invalidated his election and subsequently replaced him with Hon. Onah. Despite the political controversy surrounding their paths to power, the former rivals displayed resilience and embraced the opportunity to redefine their relationship.

During their meeting, the two leaders engaged in cordial discussions, exchanging ideas and perspectives on various issues affecting their community. Their conversation revolved around pertinent matters such as infrastructure development, educational opportunities, and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of their constituents.

Speaking after the rendezvous, Hon. Ijere emphasized the significance of setting aside political differences for the greater good. “Our people have endured enough division and animosity,” he said. “It is time for us to unite and work together to bring about much-needed development to our beloved Udenu Constituency.”

Hon. Onah echoed his sentiments, stating: “The unity displayed here today is an indication that we are ready to move beyond partisan politics and prioritize the welfare of our people. Together, we can achieve great things for our constituency.”

The historic meeting underscores the importance of fostering unity, particularly in a politically charged climate. Moreover, it serves as a beacon of hope for other politicians seeking to prioritize the interests of their constituents over personal gains.

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