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Football’s first openly-gay player announces his engagement


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Australian professional soccer player, Josh Cavallo, has announced his engagement to male fiancé Leighton Morrell after popping the question at Adelaide United’s Copper Stadium.

Cavallo, who is football’s first openly gay player took to social media to announce his engagement to his electrician partner, before thanking United for helping him set up the romantic occasion.

“Starting this year with my fiancé”, he posted a picture of himself on one knee.

“Thank you @adelaideunited for helping set up this surprise.

“You have provided a safe space in football, one that I never in my dreams thought could ever be possible. To share this special moment on the pitch, where it all started”.

Cavallo, 24, made headlines around the world in 2021 after becoming the first professional footballer to come out as gay.

He has also been lending his voice to gay rights in football and recently opened up on the vile abuse he has received on social media as a result.

“I share my life via this social media platform to help individuals grow around the world. To feel empowered in their own skin. To be comfortable with the person they wish to be,’ he wrote on Instagram alongside screenshots of the messages.

“I’m hand-on-heart so proud of how much my football club and the LGBTQIA+ community have grown in the world of football but we have to remember there is still a huge amount of work left.

“We are in 2023 and this behaviour can be more harmful than you think.

“Two years on from my coming out journey, and I go through my everyday life being reminded how people wish me dead”.

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